Why Are the Maricopa County Supervisors Defying the Subpoena to Have?

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Why are the Maricopa County supervisors defying the subpoena to have their voting machines inspected? Are they trying to hide the 'no evidence'?

I think it is unlikely that affidavits were (knowingly) false. Uninformed observers assume that all of the affidavits provide convincing evidence of fraud, but this is clearly not the case. Many say things like “I saw poll workers putting what looked like ballots in a bin" or “poll workers were intentionally standing in front of us do we couldn’t see what was happening" or “poll workers brought in a large cooler boxes which I believe was full of fake ballots". So t reported what t thought t saw, and what t presumed was happening. There is little likelihood that action can be taken in regard to such statements. What we didn't see was affidavits saying something like. “At xxx hrs at vote counting table XX at the XYZ Center, I saw poll worker YY take a stack of around 100 ballots and methodically alter them to delete the mark against Donald Trump and replace it with a mark against Joe Biden. I complained to the supervisor at the time but was ignored. My video of the event is attached.”

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Now it appears that t may never have t started writing a report at all! What a crock! Who in their right mind ever thought that writing a report to the Senate and the House might be a good idea? MMM… maybe t should have read my blog and my blog was written by a Republican! Well, perhaps next time… And now for the part that everyone has been waiting for! The video!!! As soon as the Senate adjourns for the week-long August recess, the President WILL be taking Executive Action on a series of issues that could put a stop to the chaos in Arizona. If a Democrat wins in Arizona in 2020, it will be because the GOP was unable to hold the line in 2017. That does not seem very likely anymore. There is NO WAY the Democrats will be able to win Arizona in 2020! So when t call out the.

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