What Bothers You Most about the Mueller Report?

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What bothers you most about the Mueller report?

As I understand it, Mueller noted a great number of contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians, but not sufficient evidence of a conspiracy between them. In other words, members of the Trump campaign knew the Russians were intervening on their behalf and were glad of their help (glad enough not to report it to the FBI), but didn’t direct their involvement. Mueller also noted about a dozen instances of attempts by Trump to interfere with the Mueller investigation, but he declined to charge Trump with obstruction of justice because according to DOJ policy, a sitting president can’t be indicted. Mueller felt it was wrong to accuse someone of a crime when that person couldn’t defend himself in court. However, he stated explicitly that he could not exonerate Trump. I would add that last week a letter was circulated to the media from 700 former prosecutors stating that the evidence of obstruction of justice in Mueller’s report was sufficient to have prompted the indictment of anybody else not protected by DOJ policy.

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The Clinton campaign paid for the creation and deployment of a phishing scheme from Russian actors pretending to be Clinton employees.   That is the most important takeaway from the report. They did it by pretending to be from a Clinton campaign website, and sending over emails that were crafted to look like they came from the Clinton campaign, and were sent to Modest’s inbox. In a further attempt to undermine the campaign, and its supporters, the attackers sent emails to Modest’s private Gmail inbox, masquerading as news from Politico.com. On top of this deception, Modest’s email account was targeted with phishing emails that would trick him into revealing his password. When Modest’s inbox was full, the phishing emails would trick him into entering the same password that was given to him, and then they would get infected with malware that would make them download malware from a Russian website. The.