Is It against Federal Law for a Member of the Executive Branch to Ask?

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Is it against federal law for a member of the executive branch to ask the NSA to unmask the identity of a US citizen found in foreign surveillance?

User-13784707767018997561 has an excellent answer. One thing I can add is that you want to show up often at the state legislators' offices both at the Capitol and in their home district, bring gifts of nominal value within the legal limit (e.g. artwork by school children, a snow globe), and ingratiate yourselves to the staff who works there. Blog about how great t are, get people to follow you, get them to thumbs up your visit to their office. Donate to their campaigns, and the campaigns of people in their farm team who t are sponsoring. Be dynamic and impressive. Offer to host a fundraiser, get out the vote campaign, etc. Politicians, and particularly their staff, are usually very warm and welcoming to well-behaved members of the public who want to interact Be modest in the law you want to pass. Start small, a proclamation that so-and-so is an esteemed member of the state and should have their own day for helping build a school, or publish a book about a historical figure in the state. This is practice and it builds loyalty. If your aim is bigger, figure out how that fits into other things on their legislative agenda, who supports what, make this a win-win-win for everyone involved, something t cannot possibly object to, find a sponsor who can be a hero for the legwork you are doing, e.g. the state bunnies-and-unicorn job creation appreciation day.

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In June 1976, the first Russian spy was arrested in the US. He was working as a double agent between the KGB and the FBI. He was in contact with a KGB officer in Russia. Furthermore, he was found to have a wife in the US. His wife was identified by her fingerprints as US. We then uncovered his true identity. He was an undercover KGB agent in the US. It came to be known as the “Bomber Boy” case. On September 16th, 1977 (six hours before the bombing of a SALT I conference at an airport in Newark on September 13th), the KGB chief Yuri Andropov, announced his resignation. The following day, I was ordered to arrest this KGB agent named Victor Bout and deliver him to the American prosecutor. As far as I was concerned, there was nothing to arrest Bout — he was one of me. I had worked for.