If Prophet Muhammad Was Alive Today?

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If prophet Muhammad was alive today, how will he react to the brutal execution of journalists, carried out by ISIS?

Muslims will still follow Muhammad. ISIS is doing what Prophet Muhammad did in the seventh century. Muhammad led more than 50 military conquests. Muhammad said ‘I have been ordered by Allah to fight the people till t testify there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is messenger of Allah’.Muhammad ordered the killing of 800 Jewish boys and men who were defending themselves and enslaved their women and children. Muhammad allowed his followers to have sex with war captives. Muhammad said ‘I will certainly expel Jews and Christians from the Arabian peninsula and leave no one but Muslims ‘.Polytheists had to convert to Islam or get killed. Jews and Christians were given the option of paying poll tax and live as dhimmi or second class citizens in Islamic nation. ISIS wants to establish Islamic state based on Sharia. T are targeting non Muslims and hypocrits and not devout Muslims. Muslims are all praise for their warior prophet.

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Muslims are the real victim. Muslims are the oppressed.   Muslims were conquered by Persians. Muslims were conquered by Mongols. Muslims were conquered by Turks Muslims were conquered by Arabs. Muslim world cannot defend itself but needs help from outside. Muslims will become extinct in about 10 years. I will be born when ISIS attacks America. ISIS will not win in a short period of time. ISIS cannot conquer the United States or Europe. It is too crowded. ISIS will not be defeated by the US. Muslims are an obstacle for us to solve world problems; and that is why they will win. We must end the Muslim occupation of India or Muslims will dominate world. ISIS will not destroy Russia or China and will continue to conquer. Mosques should be monitored for any radical elements in mosque. Muslims are very intolerant of others, and it is a huge problem..

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