Can the Bribe for Pardon Scheme Uncovered Today Act as a Poison Pill?

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Can the bribe-for-pardon scheme uncovered today act as a poison pill against future Trump presidential pardons?

No. Furthermore, Trump’s pardons have been far fewer, and often far more reasonable, than those of, say, Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. Donald Trump has pardoned 28 and commuted 16 people’s sentences. Obama Pardoned 212 (two-thirds of his pardons he issued in the last year, after the elections were over) and commuted 1,715 sentences (again, the vast majority done after the election was over). In 2017, he pardoned Chelsea Manning, the dipshit who sent documents to wikileaks concerning the war in Iraq and Afghanistan that had NAMES OF LOCAL SOURCES AND INTERPRETERS IN THEM. Manning, unlike Snowden, got people killed, and why? Because she was angry that the Army didn’t think highly of her? What absurdity. He also pardoned a member of the terrorist organization FALN, among the usual slate of ideological pardons that he threw around. Don’t worry though; George W. Bush commuted 11 sentences and pardoned a whopping 189 people, and didn’t wait to pardon or commute until the elections were over, because he wasn’t a partisan hack. If you’re bored, Bill Clinton had a NUMBER of terrible pardon decisions, including the Rich’s (a pair of democratic donors who were fugitives from justice), Patti Hearst and the Weathermen, and more. So, the idea that Donald Trump has done something out of the ordinary is patently dishonest. Unless something changes in the next three weeks, he’ll be the modern president who used the pardon and commutation the least.

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It does not change the fact that Donald Trump can’t seem to stop making dumb decisions.