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Hello today we're going to be looking at reduction within PDF Docs and the different ways that you can do that so there is a protect ribbon with in PDF Docs and there are a number of different options here and we'll just have a look at the way that we can go about the different types of redaction so first off we can use the mark area tool this is great for redaction if we know the area that we want to adapt so we can just draw over it and select an area so that starts the reduction process so if I hover over it there we can see what it looks like once it'll be redacted and then when I move the cursor away I can also see what text is under there I can also resize this if I needed to using the little points there so to do what action is two-stage process so we've started it there by selecting the area the next is to apply that reduction and permanently remove the text layer to do this we get a warning just saying I'm sure because this cannot be undone so it's always worthwhile saving as a copy when you first start this just to make sure you're not over writing the original source document so there we go press yes and what happens is PDF Docs takes the text layer out applies the black redaction and then closes and reopens the document so now we can see I'll hover over this there's no tax coming up there and just confirm that let's just copy the text and see if there's anything that shows up between clusters and non-clustered I just pasted out there and we can clearly see that clustered non-clustered there is no text between there that text has been firmly redacted so that's the mark area tool now there are other ways to do reduction and we can also look for text so this is a great way to search for text if we know certain words maybe client names etc that we need to remove from a document personal data but we don't know whereabouts in the document it is you could be working with hundreds of pages you don't want to have to manually scan through them so we can do a text search for this so what we need to do is we need to be in the protect ribbon and then click on search and then we can put our text word or phrase that we would like to find in this search box here so if I type leases then what that does is that brings up a list here of all the occurrences of leases within the documents and it also highlights them on the pages here so we can see exactly where they're located what's great about the results here is that you get context for the results as well so ...