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Hey there this is Sarah Bailey and I want to show you a really cool tool that you can use to blur out words and phone numbers and people's names when you take a screenshot on your computer okay so I don't know if you can use it on your phone or the iPad but I know that with your desktop you can use this tool it's called Jing ji ng there's another one called Snagit which is the upgraded version and it's Snagit is only like 50 bucks so if you can afford it I highly recommend getting it so I'm going to show you how to use both of those tools right now so with Jing when you download it it's a free software and I'll show you after I show you how to do this I'm going to show you where you can find it go you'll get this little yellow star that will pop up either in the corner of your screen or in the top center of your screen when you download it so what I do to take a screenshot is I go up to this little yellow Sun I click on the crosshair and now I can take a capture of my page so let's say I'm going to take a snapshot of this conversation I'm going to do this but let's say I want to wait you know what I'm going to do let's say I want to have her first name as evidence of the person that I'm talking to a real person but I want to block out her last name okay so I got this screen captured and also when you do it like I just showed you you can move the sides before you click save but once you're done you get your image you'll click on save on the lower left okay you can also capture video if you want to do a screen you know I showing your desktop and do a video you can do that so I capture it now I can either share to screencast where you could send a link for somebody to get a copy of your image if you want to or you could save it to your computer okay so I'm gonna put Millie conversation then I'm going to save but before I click Save I wanted to make some changes on it so I'm going to blur this out now I'm going to tell you with the Jing tool you have to have a workaround they don't have the blurring tool that Snagit does so you have to have a workaround so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna show you a couple other features to here's an arrow and here are all the color choices you have let's say I want to send this screenshot to somebody and I want to draw attention to the link okay for this Facebook group I can just change the take

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How do I blur some sentences in PDF file?
Do you mean that you do not want others to view the sentences, right? If so, you can use the PDF redaction function.get the PDF tool with redaction function.import PDF the sentences you do not want to show.confirm the PDF redaction.You can see the full guide on how to redact PDF texts: How to Redact Text in PDF Easily and Safely
Why do scientists tend to prefer PDF documents over HTML when reading scientific journals? And what would they want from the HTML to make it more compelling?
I agree with many of the answers provided (lack of clutter, portability, etc). There's something more, though. Scientists (currently) prefer PDF because the HTML articles that most publishers offer today are functionally exact replicas of their PDF counterparts: a static collection of text and images for reading perusal. Undeniably, a nicely formatted scientific paper on PDF looks good and reads well. So why should a scientist bother with HTML? Today, there's very little incentive. But soon enough articles in HTML will be for writing and executing science, in addition to reading it. I think we will naturally see more and more scientists switch to HTML the moment that scientific articles in HTML will offer their full potential (which goes well beyond PDF's) - writing, execution, interaction, reuse, forking. (The bit with the shameless self-promotion: this is what Authorea is trying to accomplish). In Authorea, for example, the HTML version of an article can be offered to the public for reading, but coauthors can double click anywhere on the article to edit it. The public can add comments and annotations too. So, the exact same article becomes a platform to read and write/discuss science. Even more importantly: Authorea articles can host code and data alongside text and images. Authorea is already d3.js-integrated - you can plot your data to HTML5 using Javascript (a very very basic example: here) - and soon will be iPython-integrated - notebooks included in HTML articles will allow readers to see, execute, interact with, and fork the data and code that were used to produce a figure.
Why does text on a PDF not appear blurry no matter how much you zoom in?
All things created for viewing electronically fall into one or the other of only two categories: VECTOR or BITMAP.Vector information is mathematically defined.Bitmap information is composed of a grid of square pixels with each pixel having its own specific value.Text in a PDF is displayed in a typeface, also known as a font. Fonts are vector files—that is, each character in the font is defined by its own configuration of straight and/or curved segments. The place where two segments meet is called a point, and the point contains the mathematical instruction for which way the line emerging from it will proceed toward the next point, straight toward the next point or in a certain slope or curve toward the next point. Adjacent points both have an effect on each other, and the final result will be a single path which defines the shape of the character. If the character has open space in the middle, such as the letter O, there will be a set of paths. Because the shape is defined mathematically, it can be shown at any size and will always remain sharp.Bitmap files, on the other hand, are composed of a mosaic of pixels, each pixel always having the same proportional size to the whole image. When images are shown small the square pixels are unnoticeable, but the more the image is enlarged, the more evident the pixels become. Sometimes lettering you may see in a PDF will not be sharp. In those instances, that lettering will be from a bitmap file (.jpg, .tif, .png, etc.), for example part of an image created in image editing software such as Photoshop.
How do you edit text in a PDF file?
You need a PDF Editor for that:For Mac: You can use Adobe Acrobat DC or Master PDF Editor, both are excellent PDF editors and both of them support for filling up dynamic XFA forms (Master PDF Editor is the only PDF editor for Mac other than Adobe Acrobat DC with support for dynamic XFA forms). Truth be told all the features of Adobe Acrobat DC are available on Master PDF Editor and unlike the blood-sucking subscription of Adobe Acrobat DC you need to pay only an one time payment for $70 for Master PDF Editor. As of UI, well I like the simplistic UI of Master PDF Editor, but of course your opinion may vary from mine.For Windows: You can go for Adobe Acrobat DC, Master PDF Editor, or Nitro PDF Pro. I personally recommend Nitro PDF Pro because it not only has all the features of Adobe Acrobat DC and Master PDF editor but also has an UI that’s similar to Microsoft Office apps. Of course with a one time payment of $160 it’s pricier than Master PDF Editor but at least it’s still cheaper than the subscription plan of Adobe Acrobat DC.For Linux based distros: Master PDF Editor is the only good PDF editor for Linux, it’s the only PDF editor for Linux which has all the features of Adobe Acrobat DC, including the support for filling up dynamic XFA forms. It’s written in QT5, but it looks equally good in both KDE and GNOME3 (of course it looks better in KDE).For iOS: Just go for Wondershare PDFelements, it’s the one and only full fledged PDF editor for iOS. Just like a desktop PDF editor it lets you edit text, add or remove pages, add or remove images, reposition text or images, etc. The only thing it lacks support for dynamic XFA forms but then again none of the mobile PDF software so far have the support for dynamic XFA forms.For Windows 10 Mobile: You can go for Perfect PDF Ultimate, it’s the one and only full fledged PDF editor for Windows 10 Mobile. It’s a UWP app that works in Continuum too. It provides all the functionalities you get on a desktop PDF editor, it lets you edit text, add or remove pages, add or remove images, reposition text or images, etc. Yet again just like Wondershare PDFelements it lacks is support for dynamic XFA forms.For Android: There’re no full fledged PDF editors for Android. If you use Android then just forget it, all you can do is sign, annotate, highlight PDFs and just fill up non-dynamic PDF forms. Code-Industry, the creators of Master PDF Editor do have future plans to make their software for Android too, but right now they haven’t begun any development, but once they do it, it would not only be the first full fledged PDF editor for Android but also would be the first PDF software on a mobile platform with support for dynamic XFA forms. But as of now there’s no way to edit PDFs on Android devices.
How can I randomly blur text in Word in order to make some comprehension test?
I would use VBA to randomly hide text. I don’t think blurring is an option.If I were you I would write my VBA routine in following steps:Count the number of words in the document.Based on total number of words in the document, decide how many words I am going to hide. Let’s say we are going to hide x number of words.Generate a list of random integers. Let’s call this list l. No number in this list is repeated and highest number in this list is not greater than total number of words in the document. Total number of numbers in this list is exactly equal to x from paragraph 2 above.Run a for loop. Any word that falls at a position that is equal to a number in list l should be replaced by exactly five repetitions of the character called underscore. This will create blank spaces of equal size in place of words that you want to blur.Here is an easier explanation of how your VBA routine will work:Let’s say your document has 1500 words and you want to blur/hide 20% of total words which would be 300 words.The VBA routine generates a list of 300 unique integers and none of those integers are greater than 1500. Let’s say 5, 786 and 1123 are just three of those 300 integers.The for loop will hide 5th, 786th and 1123rd words in your document and will replace them with _____, exactly 5 underscore characters.I hope this gives you, at the least, an idea where to start.
How do you highlight text in a PDF?
You can use Wondershare PDFelement which can help you highlight text or an area in a PDF with custom color.Open your PDF in the application and go to the “Comment” tab. If you want to highlight specific text, you can click the “T” icon, If you want to highlight a large area, you can click the “Area Highlight” button.2. To change highlight color, you can right click on the text and select “Properties”. Then the options for highlight appearance will be expanded on the right side. You can then change the color.This tutorial will be helpful: How to Change Highlight Color in PDF
How can I blur a text in a video?
Making blur a text or any element in a video is possible. But how is it done, it depends what video editing software are you using. In almost all the popular video editing software, there is always blur effect. You just need to drag it to your timeline and place it over your text or element where you need to blur.But dragging blur effect to your timeline does not finish the job. Since this is a video, so your text or the element may be moving. So, the blur effect should also move along with the element. In this case the concept of Motion Tracking comes into place. Motion Tracking is a technique where it tracks the movement of the element.Motion tracking is available all the popular software like, Adobe Premier Pro, Hitfilm Express, etc. You can get lots of tutorial on Motion Tracking