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How do I black out text in Adobe Reader?
Open the PDF file in any pdf reader to redact in Preview. Black out text using any method you want (e.g. use the rectangle annotation tool with black as the color and choose the thickest border. Then draw the shape as many times as needed until your document is blacked out.) File Save As, and choose an image format such as PNG or GIF.Free PDF ReaderFoxit Reader
How can I redact a document/PDF for free?
You can try free trial of pdffiller service. They have very good and flexible editor and make refund quite fast if you will not like it.
How do you preview an HTML output inside Sublime Text 3 using a split screen?
Consider using Windows key and left arrow to move a application to the left half of the screen.Windows and right arrow moves a application to the right half of the screen.E.g. Sublime of the left half screen and Chrome on the right half screen.
How do you preview a website inside of, rather than outside of, Sublime Text 3?
You can't. It's a text editor, not a web browser or an IDE. Its job is to give you a great interface for reading and writing and modifying code.There are several good packages in the Sublime Text package manager that make it easy to preview the current document in your choice of local browsers.