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Deborah W.
Deborah W.
I corrected a mistake in my form and replaced it with the right information. It took a few minutes only! Thanks a lot!
James S.
James S.
The process of PDF correction has never been so easy. I’ve managed to create a new document faster than ever before!
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William G.
It was really easy to fill out my PDF document and add a signature to it! This is a great service! I recommend it to you!
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Denis B.
I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


Is there an app to write edits into PDF with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil?
Look at PDF Pro by Readdle. It let’s you edit the text of PDFs, annotate, mark up, draw, highlight, etc. I swear by it. It’s one of the best you can get.
What is the best free non-Adobe Mac OS X app for editing PDF files?
I really like using neu.Annotate+, which allows me not only to read, but take nots on the PDFs and send them directly via email in multiple formats. Note taking includes hand-written mark ups, typing in text, various colored pens and highlighters, and the ability to add images as well.
Should I buy the MacBook Pro 13-inch or buy the cheaper iPad Pro 12.9 inch with the smart keyboard?
If I were you, I would definitely buy the MacBook Pro 13 inch. I have been using my iPad Pro 12.9 inch for the past 17 months. I won't completely agree to myself that my iPad has totally replaced my computer. One big advantage of having an iPad is: I don't have to carry my bulky laptop charger like I do with my laptop. The camera adaptor is helpful when importing photos from my DSLR when I shoot in JPEG format. Connecting MIDI keyboards, USB microphones, transferring photos to and from a USB thumb drive, connecting audio interfaces etc can be appreciated.Editing RAW format files is still a pain on the iPad. iPad converts the RAW file to JPEG automatically while transferring the RAW files from my DSLR.I am pretty sure that I loose quality when the iPad makes its own decision of converting RAW files to JPEG.The battery life is pretty juicy on the iPad when compared to the MacBook Pro. I completely rely on my iPad for all the basic computing stuff but, for some of the tasks (running heavy & iOS unfriendly applications), I always get back to my computer.The keyboard and trackpad helps me better with organising & managing important documents and files. I don't trust the 3rd party file handlers available on the iOS App Store.Although I have always felt that the device has slightly boosted my productivity, I always tend to go back to the MacBook Pro with built in keybord and trackpad which always works best in all the situations.iOS is still a pain when it comes to browsing shopping websites, uplaoding and download files and attachments, accessing hard disk drives etc.If you are planning to watch movies while traveling, read PDF books now and then, spend couple of hours browsing social networking sites and edit basic photos and video clips using photos & iMovie app, produce light music on garage band, organsing & planning day to day activities or setting appointments, the iPad should do. If not, the MacBook Pro will always be the best choice. You promisingly wont regret. Good luck with your decision
What are the best apps to use on iPad Pro?
One of the best apps to be used in iOS devices is SHAREit . It is well know that the compatibility of iProducts is just pertained to iOS. In order to share files, its very easy by using airdrop feature for iOS devices, while to that of non-iOS devices its impossible. This app helps you to share the files directly either to iOS or non iOS devices.One more interesting feature about this app is that it has vault to secure our files and allows permission to access it only after authenication. Its just like a secret folder. Other thing is that we can share music files instead of buying them from iTunes.Basic apps which are to be present on iPad Pro:Social networkingFacebook,Messenger,Twitter,LinkedIn,Skype,Youtube,Hangouts,Google+,QuoraPhotographyPicsArt, Youcam Perfect, B612, MSQRD, Adobe Photoshop Express, Google PhotosGamesColor Switch, 2048, Temple Run 2, Minion Rush, Asphalt 8, Angry Birds, Subway Surfers, Candy crush, NinJump,……..Apart from these, you may have some e-commerce apps, dictionary app, QuizUp,Dubsmash,…based on your interest.
When will I be able to run Acrobat Pro DC on iPad?
Acrobat Pro DC is a desktop class software which is not there on mobile platforms. But there are some extremely solid alternates.The primary being Pdf Expert. Its the BEST pdf editor you can get on iOS at the moment. Yiu can write, draw annote and sign pdf documents right on iPad without the hassle of printout, fill and then scan. The app even can flatten pdf files after multiple layers of edit so that no one later can tweak that.Extremely well build app which I use regularly. Oh and you can even delete pdf pages, rearrange them right on the app. I know it feels like an ad, but I am really impressed with the app.
Which is the best device available for stylus note taking and reading things like PDFs with basic editing facility (underlining, highlighting, adding text) that has a large screen (10")? Tablets are expensive and have features I don’t need.
Everything in the description makes me feel like you are describing the Apple iPad Pro 9.7" - the latest iPad iteration. But I'm guessing you aren't looking for anything that expensive.This question is quite old dating back to 2014 so I don't know if any of the earlier answers addressed this.  I  needed something similar to what you describe since I read a lot of textbooks and scientific papers and most of the digital copies come in PDFs because it has images, tablets, graphs which only look good on PDFs.  I was researching for it last year, so I can probably give some insight on this.You are looking for a 10" colour e-reader with stylus but at present colour screens only come in tablet form. The e-ink technology has seen slow progress since we first saw e-book readers and there is no good colour ebook readers on the market. So if you want colour- tablets are the only way to go.Ebook readersThe problem with the regular eBook readers by Amazon, B & N, Kobo etc. are that they come in 6" sizes and render PDFs very poorly and the pinch and zoom function is very slow and can have irritation value. The words, graphs, images, tables are all over the place. Not a good experience at all. Some companies like Sony, Amazon, Onyx etc have recognized this niche need and tried to bring larger screen eBook readers with e-ink tech but have failed to find a good market and sale volumes for such readers. Many like the Amazon Kindle DX came to the market but was a flop show (mainly due to price factor- $500). Onyx is rumoured to come out with a new Android based 9.7" e-reader with stylus but wont be less than $500. What a bummer!Sony was one of the pioneers of the e-ink ebook readers but sadly haven't got to the next level. Sony though has in their stables the kind of device that almost perfectly fits your description but sans colour- The Sony Digital paper- DPT-S1It seems like the device one should look at if one wants to substitute all your reading & writing (Academic & leisure) to digital. It is the lightest eBook reader in the large size category (which is not very crowded, it is lighter than the Kindle DX too). It has a 13.3" high resolution screen, PDF rendering is perfect and it also comes with a very responsive stylus. This truly felt like paper and pencil. This really had me drooling all over it.Here's a video of how it works.Sadly even after a major price cut recently it retails at about $799 if you order with shipping from US. It is not available in retail in India. They were initially only selling it to corporate clients (for $1200) but now have started retailing it. This is a product for the professionals and people who deal with lot of PDFs. This one is almost as expensive as the new iPad Pro but without the advantages of the regular tablet. But hey it's one great device. Maybe one day!Poor man's alternativeI stopped searching after looking at the prices for such devices and once I got Kindle Paperwhite as a birthday gift. I already owned an iPad 2 (2013 version). I have loaded all my textbooks and scientific papers (both in PDF format) in the iPad and now I use it 90-95% of the time for only reading these PDFs. The charge lasts for a week with my reading habits. It's worked out well for me.Until the big tech companies can come up with an affordable e-reader, I can give you two choices hereBuy an affordable Android tablet which is available for as cheap as Rs. 5000 ($80) for a 10" tablet and use it exclusively for reading.Buy an older version of the iPad (used or new) and again use it only for reading. Since you are only using it for reading the speed of the tablet's OS or other apps wouldn't matter much. Thanks for the A2A Mohan. Hope it was helpful.
Should you get an iPad Pro 10.5 inch or the iPad Pro 12.9 inch? I am buying this because next year, I am going to be starting high school and I want to have a piece of tech that can allow me to draw, take notes, watch YouTube, and etc.
Both can do what you want so it’s a matter of personal preference.The 12.9 is larger (duh!) and has more screen area but costs more than the 10.5 and weighs more. It is also harder to hold in your hands.The 10.5 is cheaper, weights less, is easer it hold but has less “screen real-estate “.I would recommend you go to a store which has both so you can handle them and try them out — that will really help you decide!