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Get your free copy of the complete tutorial ww teach you calm calm for it slash free when you open a document containing text in Acrobat you can choose to apply optical character recognition or OCR to the document OCR is the process by which computer software converts an image of text into machine and coded text this process lets you create smart documents which are searchable and editable from static images that contain text it's important to keep in mind that optical character recognition is not a foolproof process by default Acrobat automatically applies OCR to documents in a number of different situations for example when you create a new PDF from an image containing text the image is immediately converted into the PDF format and displayed on-screen however the text in the PDF is not yet editable because OCR is not applied to the image during the initial conversion to PDF when you select the edit PDF tool Acrobat makes the image editable by applying OCR you'll notice a progress bar at the bottom of the screen during the character recognition process when the OCR operation is complete a pop-up message informs you that text has been recognized in the document to access acrobats OCR settings first open a PDF and select the edit PDF tool next select the settings option found within the scanned documents section of the tools pane the scanned document editing settings dialog box then appears from within this dialog box you can adjust three different aspects of optical character recognition functioning you can use the recognizer text in drop-down to choose the language preference for OCR operations you'll also notice the use available system font checkbox when this box is checked converted text is displayed using installed fonts on your computer system although Acrobat seeks to display converted text using the closest matching font installed on your computer checking this box can cause the visual appearance of text to change after OCR is performed at the bottom of the scanned document editing settings dialog box you'll see the make all the pages editable checkbox when this box is checked all pages of currently opened document will be converted to editable text during a single OCR operation although this feature lets you apply optical character recognition to an entire PDF in one step it may take much longer to perform the OCR operation after selecting settings for OCR click the ok' button at the bottom of the dialog box to apply them because of the often unpredictable nature of optical character recognition some Acrobat users elect to manually disable automatic OCR features to disable automatic character recognition simply uncheck the recognised text checkbox in the scanned documents section of the tools pane remember that selecting the Edit PDF tool in order to access the pane will cause OCR to be applied to the currently opened PDF however when the recognized text checkbox is unchecked a popup message informs you that recent changes to

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Can we read PDF file that is scanned actually and converted to PDF format (Image) ? I need to black out some specific region of text in that file. Don't know how to locate the specific region and black out that. Any help
As I have been asked…There are two possibiliies. If the area is known, the redaction tools of Acrobat XI (or for serious redaction, Redax) allows to set areas on the document which will be properly redacted.If the place to redact is not known, the scanned document must first be treated with OCR (which is also available in Acrobat XI). After OCR, use the Redaction tools to find the according text. For complex searches using Regular Expressions, you may seriously consider Redax by Appligent (the industry standard tool for Redaction).Hope this can help.
How can I redact a document/PDF for free?
You can try free trial of pdffiller service. They have very good and flexible editor and make refund quite fast if you will not like it.
What are good alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for writing text on PDF files on OS X?
For more information about Acrobat, you can find in the android application:Free Acrobat reader shortcutsacrobat reader tutorials - Google Play
What are good alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for writing text on PDF?
Thanks for A2A, Alain.I can suggest a fast and powerful Acrobat alternative for Mac. It’s called PDF Expert and it can do almost everything with PDFs. For example, you can type your text on a PDF file or edit text in a document itself.Here’s a nice tutorial on how to add text to PDF files.Hopefully, this helps!
How do I avoid 'hard line breaks' when copying text from an Adobe Acrobat PDF document?
‘Hard and soft line-breaks’ are an issue when copying any text from almost any application. They come about when the writer is trying to force a line of text to the next line for whatever reason. This will create havoc when reformating text in the layout process. The thing is, sometimes you want the hard line-break in place for where there really is a new paragraph.In InDesign, you can turn ON ‘hidden characters’ and that will reveal where these line-breaks are and you can go in and remove them one by one.I will also paste the text into a simple text-file editor and remove them there in that arena. You can tell where they are by changing the size of the window and seeing where the text reflows and doesn’t.There is no real quick way to do this that I know of. You’ll need to do the hard work of actual editing. Even a ‘remove formatting’ command in various programs will only do so much.
How does Adobe Acrobat reader convert from PDF to HTML?
No, Adobe Acrobat Reader can not convert files for you, you need to be a subscribed user of Adobe Acrobat.Run Adobe Acrobat DC, you can try free trial before any decisionGo to toolsExport PDFChoose Export format, then ExportChoose a different folder to save the editable file. Done!Adobe PDF Converter for Mac can also convert scanned PDF to HTML.
How do I install adobe acrobat pdf reader in ipad?
Adobe Acrobat Reader on the App Store
How do I create a fillable PDF in Adobe Acrobat?
Creating and distributing PDF forms
How do I black out text in Adobe Reader?
Open the PDF file in any pdf reader to redact in Preview. Black out text using any method you want (e.g. use the rectangle annotation tool with black as the color and choose the thickest border. Then draw the shape as many times as needed until your document is blacked out.) File Save As, and choose an image format such as PNG or GIF.Free PDF ReaderFoxit Reader