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Deborah W.
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James S.
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Denis B.
I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


What are the prototyping tools for mobile apps for professional's user experience? What has been your experience with them?
There are many Amazing Tools available in market and if you want to know why it is so important to Prototype you can read it here!To Share a short list here are some of the tools that we feel are good enough :#1 InVision:Price:The pricing plan is divided into five sections.Free – 1 active prototype Starter- 3 active prototype- $15 per month Professional- unlimited prototype- $25 per month Team- unlimited prototype- $99 per month Enterprise Edition- free to use, you can avail the benefits of advanced features for unlimited prototypes.Prototyping for:Websites, Web Apps, iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Android Wear.Description:InVision is a web-based prototyping tool allowing you (designers) to create spellbinding interactive mockups for the web and mobile projects. You cannot create screens directly on Invision, instead, you need to upload the static designed screens and then add hotspots to transfigure them into interactive mockups.Besides, you can sync your photoshop or sketch files and add your own prototype in real-time making it look authentic and soothing.Features:InVision is wrapped with user-centric features including preview mode, commenting, version control and file syncing. You can add transitions, animations, and gestures which it provides in plenty and let the design speaks. It allows you to sync design files from your favourite storage tools helping you to make your entire design productive from start to finish. It supports PNG, JPEG/JPG, GIF, AI and PSD file format. By the way, it is an amazing collaborating tool that seeks feedback from the clients and end-users.#2 MarvelPrice:The pricing plan is divided into four sections:Free: Free forever – Unlimited Projects- Unlimited comments for first 3 projects onlyPro: Monthly charges would be $12 for unlimited projects- unlimited comments- allows to download offline prototypes as ZIP/PDF and Android- Password Protect Prototypes- Remove Marvel BrandingPlus: Monthly charges would be $15 for unlimited projects- unlimited comments- allows to download offline prototypes as ZIP/PDF and Android- Password Protect Prototypes- Remove Marvel Branding – download offline prototypes for iOS.Company: Monthly charges would be $36 (3 users) for unlimited projects- unlimited comments- allows to download offline prototypes as ZIP/PDF and Android- Password Protect Prototypes- Remove Marvel Branding – download offline prototypes for iOS- Organise users into Teams – User Roles-Centralised Billing.Prototyping for:iOS & AndroidDescription:Marvel is an ultimate browser prototyping tool that eases your prototyping process. Simply sign-in in the account and get accessed to the area where you can experience creating your first prototype.Features:Unlike InVision, Marvel has limited transition, animations and gesture class libraries. You can change background colours and resize images with an addition to have access to 17 vivid templates for prototyping. You can even optimize your designs device specific.The best part of this easy to use and learn tool is companion app feature that lets you transform your sketch designs into a prototype just by clicking the design’s image. And, as such your images are synced with Marvel account, therefore, you can create quick mockups for experimentation even before designing a single layout in Photoshop or Sketch.Lastly, you can sync design files from Google drive, box, sketch or Dropbox and remember the files should be in PSD, GIF or JPEG format.#3 JustInMindPrice:Free: Free trial version is available for you to have a tour of how JustInMind works.Premium: The premium version is divided into two sections: Subscriptions & Perpetual licenses. For more information look into pricing section and give your designing experience a chance to create sparkling mockups.Prototyping for:Web and Mobile Apps (Android, Windows, Blackberry & iOS)Description:If you are searching for all-in-one prototyping tool then your search ends here. JustInMind is a perfect tool for designers allowing them to design, prototyping and collaborating.Features:JustInMind allows you to design mockups for web and mobile apps by selecting design elements from a vast UI library. Once you have finalized your layout, you can add motions, animations, and gestures from the pre-existing widget library. The widget library is customized according to the device template you pick and integrate into your design. You can even add CTRs, checkboxes, lists and parallax layouts and also there are tons of other widgets listed in the library which you include ensuring that the library you opt was the best one you can have for your design.For beginners, there are a number of video tutorial available in the shelve helping you to make your design mockups impactful and impressive at the same time.#4 BalsamiqPrice:A single user license is for $89 and multi-user license is for $178Prototyping for:Desktop & Web AppsDescription:Balsamiq is a quick wireframing tool that allows you to design your wireframes in speed and with efficiency. It’s similar like we design screens on paper (low precision). There is no need to have a good experience while using this hand-sketched tool. Simple to use and easy to understand.Features:Balsamiq offers a wide array of designing elements allowing you to make your design look stylish. It gives you an experience of using a whiteboard while sketching but on the computer. It is easy to iterate and get feedbacks helping you to enhance your designs and improve the user experience.In ClosingAbrupt ending won’t work, let’s compare the above tools and see which one wins. But, it’s you who gonna decide which tool will best fit you.P.S: Originally written by : Roma Udernani for Openxcell Technolabs Blog!
I'm looking for a free Iphone/Ipad app to open and edit text, pdf (if possibile excel) files! Are there?
I think PDFelement App would be your choice. It provides PDF editing ( not excel). It is free to use all functionalities like editing, annotating, converting and scanning. Very powerful.You can edit the original text in PDF files, and change the color, size and font. But please note, your PDF should be selectable. If your document is scanned or image, it cannot edit because it does not have OCR function. Hope this answer helps you. :)
Does an iPhone accept PDF files?
Sure it does. There are plenty of free apps for you to read PDF on your iPhone. You even can convert and edit PDF files. Nothing is impossible. :)
What is the best free non-Adobe Mac OS X app for editing PDF files?
I really like using neu.Annotate+, which allows me not only to read, but take nots on the PDFs and send them directly via email in multiple formats. Note taking includes hand-written mark ups, typing in text, various colored pens and highlighters, and the ability to add images as well.
What is the easiest way to edit a PDF?
In my understanding, you want to change original text in PDF, am I right?If your PDF is native file which is searchable and selectable, you can open it with PDFelement on your PC or Mac, and directly edit it under “Edit” mode. (see image below) Edited text would automatically match original font and size.If your PDF is scanned or images, you need to OCR(Optical Character Recognition) first to convert it into searchable and editable file. PDFelement 6 Pro can complete the OCR.Original file:After OCR:After OCR, then you can edit the PDF file directly under “Edit” mode.If you want to edit PDF on you iPhone, you can have PDFelement for iOS. As I know, it is the only free App offering PDF text editing and converting feature in Apple Store. (Please note, iOS version does not include OCR, therefore, you can only edit native PDF file. For scanned PDF, you can only annotate with drawing tool)
Which company can help me build an on-demand taxi service website?
WebClues Infotech is a top web development company across globe, which can help you, get a fantastic on-demand taxi service. We have handpicked the area’s best designers, developers, branding and web marketing experts. The result: top notch, professional websites that look great and work even better.Our team of graphic designers can create a brand identity with print design material, making your brand stand out above the crowd. Once we’ve designed and developed your website, our online marketing division will get your company in the forefront of your target audience.Development Procedure at WebClues InfotechUnderstanding-We investigate your industry, your users and your business to get to know it in depthDesign-Designs all the user experience that leads your users to meet your business goalsDevelopment-We develop your support code with agile methodologies such as SCRUM. We use the latest technologiesTesting-We ensure that your application works perfectly for an ideal launch.Marketing- We also provide service of exclusive marketing platform to reach your targeted customer.Some Key Features of our on-demand taxi website.User-Friendly UIUncomplicated Signup ProcessSave Your LocationProvide Maximum DetailsMap and GPS IntegrationPayment IntegrationNotifications and Fair CalculationCar PoolingEvery business has unique needs, while attracting consumers with a global presence. A professional, custom website design will help to increase your sales and expose you to thousands of new clients. We are a team of skilled specialists that are easy to work with because we know how to listen and understand clients.Have a Project in Mind? Let’s talk!!!Connect with us at: http://www.webcluesinfotech.comCheckout our portfolio: http://www.webcluesinfotech.com/...Get a free quote: Contact UsWe are also featured inClutch | GoodFirms | AppFutura | AgencySpotter | Wadline
Why should I buy an iPhone?
Why should I purchase an iPhone?“Because you can afford it and use it to showoff to your friends and family.” This would be the response of most. Some may even say that it has some cool and best features which you can find in any flagship smartphones. Then why go for an iPhone and not a Galaxy or Pixel which is more affordable. What makes people spend almost a fortune which on something so small. Then today i would like to tell you somethings about Apple and iPhone which nobody else will tell you.I have used all variety of phones in my life starting from Nokia 3310, Nokia 6288, Nokia c6, Sony Xperia L, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Micromax canvas 4, LG Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy A7, Samsung Note 5 and currently using iPhone 7 plus. It all started when my dad decided to buy a tablet for his office use to check mails and other stuffs. And as i was technical nerd in the family, it came upon me to find the best and affordable one. We already had a Samsung Galaxy tab s2, which had almost every possible issue u can find including battery issues. After doing a lot of research on the net and checking all the prices, i came to the conclusion that iPad air 2 was the best out there even though it was released two years back then. The WiFi only version was priced at 35k, and i bought it for my dad during diwali in 2015, so got it for 31k from Reliance Digital. I spend a very little time with it, but liked how smooth and seamless it was compared to my Galaxy A7. In January 2016, when i had some money and wanted to buy a new phone, my choice was iPhone 6s. But then store prices were too high so, ended up buying Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for 48k which i felt was way better and cooler. But the dream of getting a iPhone had not ended there.I was quite happy while using the phone with fast charging and performance till i started having charging issues. The battery had become too weak in less than a year and it used to get too hot while charging or multitasking(Playing heavy games). In August i got an opportunity to buy a Mac book air which was the best laptop i had ever used with unbelievable battery back up and charging time. This made me eager to get an iPhone and try it. Then came upon the iPhone 7 plus with the breathtaking matte black color, dual cameras and other awesome features. I bought it in December 31st 2016 for 82k(Trust me, it is a big amount for a guy with 3.15lpa package). The user experience is the best i can find in any smart phone for a power user like me. Its been almost 3 months and i haven’t had any issues with it. Now that was my experience with an iPhone, but why you or anyone should buy it is because of the below reasons:An iPhone is made for long term users who still wanna have the best experience even after many years without any issues. I have seen people using iPhone 5 even today even though it was released in 2012(Just think about it, it been 5 years). iPhone 5s, released in 2013, is still a good buy if u ask me for some users who prefer smaller phones(Myself bought it for my dad and girlfriend in February with HDFC Credit card offer).The way iPhone and other Apple products interact with each other is just awesome. I just keep my phone for charging and attend calls on my Mac book air(Both are connected to the same WiFi network).Importance given to small details on a OS level to improve user experience. This helps in using a 5.5 inch iPhone 7 plus with just one hand.The battery optimization with software and hardware integration in Apple is the best than any other smartphone. So even though my phone takes almost 2 and a half hour to get to 100% charge from 10% with the box charger, it almost lasts 2 days with normal usage(1 full day with power usage) with just a 2900mAh battery.iPhone design is still beautiful with symmetric and smooth buttons even though its 3 years old.The after sales service and customer support is one of the best in the current smartphone market.You don’t have to give up on performance even with 2 or 3 GB RAM because iPhone makes use of what is available in the best way possible.I can go on and on about the features it has and are better than other smartphones in most aspects(camera, processor, touch ID, etc.) in the current market. But i believe, you already know it, if you are currently thinking of buying one. The price may seem too high for what you get in return which may bug you for a long time. It is a long term investment from your end and Apple will take care of your needs regarding a smartphone. You have to use it to believe it.Apple spend a lot of money for marketing, adding it with the cost of their iPhone production cost, making iPhone expensive. For that price, you are getting a world class brand, which if you are a middle class guy like me, matters a lot. It is not for everyone, especially not for those who like changing phone every year.Thank you for Reading. Have a nice day.PS: “With great power(Money) comes great responsibility(Use it wisely)”.
How do I get a PDF on my iPhone 6 (I got the Adobe app)?
Mail, Sms, AirDrop, pull it down off if the Internet in safari and open it in iBooks, host it on any computer and retrieve it via file sharing with file browser.
What are the best Mac-only applications?
As a person going into academics - the top programs you have to look forward to (by so far) are:Latexian - LaTeX editor / autocompletion / live preview, there is no equivalent for WindowsOmniGraffle - can make basically anything, from circuit diagrams to basic flowcharts, there are good ones for Windows, but not reallyVersions - subversion client - but they do this incredibly well, there is no equivalent for WindowsFaceTime - video chatting, Skype is the obvious equivalent, but I feel FaceTime has a better video-chatting qualityCyberDuck - this is an FTP/SFTP/everything client (also connects to AWS and Dropbox and the like) so it's a nice all-in-one. It still has features to be desired, closest equivalent might be WinSCP or FileZilla.TextWrangler - this is the equivalent of Notepad++ except that it works a lot better with automatically-updated files like Dropbox (it auto-refreshes your files) and has a streamlined way of switching between files you're editing, the closest equivalent for Windows is Notepad++.On a related note - within Physics - a significant amount of professors and graduate students use a Mac so being able to share files, screen-sharing, and FaceTime is so much better when everyone is using it.