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How can I redact a document/PDF for free?
You can try free trial of pdffiller service. They have very good and flexible editor and make refund quite fast if you will not like it.
Can we read PDF file that is scanned actually and converted to PDF format (Image) ? I need to black out some specific region of text in that file. Don't know how to locate the specific region and black out that. Any help
As I have been asked…There are two possibiliies. If the area is known, the redaction tools of Acrobat XI (or for serious redaction, Redax) allows to set areas on the document which will be properly redacted.If the place to redact is not known, the scanned document must first be treated with OCR (which is also available in Acrobat XI). After OCR, use the Redaction tools to find the according text. For complex searches using Regular Expressions, you may seriously consider Redax by Appligent (the industry standard tool for Redaction).Hope this can help.
Can I black out text in a PDF?
Upload your file to Online PDF editor . . you can edit the document for free . you have white out option on the online editor which you use to blackout /hide text
How can I convert the text color in a multi page PDF from rich black in CMYK to spot black, K=100?
While I am kind of wondering why you need to make it K=100 … other than saving few bucks… but already using Pantone does not save you money any way, so kind of wondering why you need K=100%That being said,You can edit those info in Acrobat doing following step.Open it in Acrobat Pro, and open Tools menu.Select Text you want to edit.Right click to Edit TextChoose format, where you can change fonts and color. Should give you K=100%Save as… and should be all set as long as security setting allows you this.Note: it will not works on scanned images pdf or outlined data. And it is always best to go back to original designer to change so, there won’t be any mishaps.
How can you highlight specific text in a PDF using Preview on a Mac?
The answer is “maybe”. With respect to text, there are several sorts of PDFs (in my experience, I’m no expert).One sort is just a text document which has been saved as a PDF, for those, you can highlight the text in the usual way (click and drag) — unless it has been “copy protected”. If that’s the issue, google around for possible ways to “unlock” it.A second sort is comprised of images (i.e. just “photographing” the pages). For those, there is simply no text to be highlighted — it’s like trying to copy the text off a billboard in a photo. If that’s the issue, perhaps you can manage some way to do OCR on the pages.A third sort is like the second, plus the image of the text has been somehow converted to a text stream, perhaps by some sort of OCR process, or simply by a person reading the text content of the image and keying it in. That text is then put on an “invisible” layer which resides behind the image, overlapping the visible (but uncopyable) image of the text. This may seem silly, but it allows presentation of the document with its visible appearance being that of the original, while allowing copying (by making use of the content of the “invisible” layer). This sort of PDF should allow click-drag copying, although the highlighted area may not align exactly with the visible text.
How do I do text searches inside multiple PDF files at once on a Mac?
Assuming the PDFs in question are readable (have been OCR’ed), you hve several options – but the question is a bit vague.Are you wanting to find a particular phrase? Or do you want to see how many times/where a particular search term appears in a specific selection of PDFs?If the former, then a simpley CMD+Space to bring up Spotlight, will allow you to enter the text you are looking for - with even better results if you pop it in between “-”, to do a ‘direct word/phrase’ search. Spotlight will reveal the PDFs that have ‘hits’, and when you click on them - should atoumatically take you to the section containing the search term. CMD+G will allow you to cycle through the term-hits, if it appears multiple times.Alternatively, you can place all the PDFs you want to search into a specific folder in Finder, and then invoke the search function inside Finder, and specify to only search the contents of that particular folder - this will narrow things down dramatically.If the latter, and you are wanting to simultaneously see the instances of a search result across many PDFs – then, AFAIK, this is not something readily possible in macOS – at least, not in a visually pleasing/meaningful manner.You would be better served to look at 3rd party software, maybe something like HoudahSpot, or an information manager like the excellent Devonthink, or something like Leap (by Ironic Software?) – all the more so, if you will be needing to do this frequently.
My PDF text jumped, and my highlights stayed put. How to move my text? Or copy my highlights to another file? (I did this with Preview on Mac)
Preview is the worst application to open PDF files. It’s very frustrating that it’s the default on Macs, because it’s well known that it corrupts fillable forms. The best solution would be to open the original PDF in Reader or Acrobat Pro and start again.
When I convert an epub file to PDF using Calibre, I can't copy text out of the PDF. How can I fix that?
Probably not the best format if you're trying to copy anything, as PDF works with blocks rather than text flow. If you're looking to copy text, then you should convert to RTF or TXT instead of PDF.
How do I edit the text of a PDF on a Mac computer?
PDF is a stubborn format, so you’ll need a PDF editor for Mac. I can suggest PDF Expert developed by our team at Readdle. It’s a fast and friendly app.Select ‘Edit’ in the top toolbar.Click the 'Text' button.Choose the piece of text you want to edit.Edit text in PDF and click on the blank space to preserve your changes.Hope, my answer helps.