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Hi this video is to show you how to redact within an Adobe PDF document redaction is used for hiding sensitive information if you want to hide somebody's first and last name a birthdate so security number things like that this is the video that will show you how to do so so the first thing you want to do is open up your document now redaction works not only on words but it also works on pictures and we'll do we'll do some redaction with mr. smiley down here so the first thing we want to do is go to advanced and that's in the toolbar at the top I'm gonna go to advanced and we're gonna go to redaction down here at this drop down and then this drop down is going to extend out to another sub drop-down and you can use these with in the toolbar however I'd like to actually see the entire toolbar itself just so that I have all the options available and I don't have to keep going up to the top of the window here so the that's that's pick a word that we want to redact so let's say Reader for some reason we don't want outside parties to see this so what we're gonna do is we're gonna market for redaction or actually let me rephrase you're gonna click mark for to action and then highlight the word that you'd like to redact and once you've highlighted if you rollover it's going to show exactly what it's going to look like okay so no redaction actually takes place until you click apply so once you've chosen it and you kind of like the way that looks and say you know I want to I want to redact this as well I've got a couple things here I'm gonna apply these redactions and it's going to say are you sure this is permanent and of course very serious I'll press okay and I'm gonna say yes and yes yes to that window is basically saying you want to remove more data you can remove the metadata within it and delete hidden page and image content this is kind of just a special preference if you choose to do this I'm going to say yes just because I'm very secretive about mr. smiley I'm gonna say remove all checked items so here it's gonna tell you exactly what's been removed it'll click okay so that's how you were interact now I know a lot of people they have 500 page documents that need they need to do some redaction within so another thing you can do is you can click search and redact and this is just giving you a little warning sign making sure and here it's gonna ask what word or phrase would you like to search for I'm gonna put software ok and in the current PDF now you can do it within all PDF documents and

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How can I redact a document/PDF for free?
You can try free trial of pdffiller service. They have very good and flexible editor and make refund quite fast if you will not like it.
Are there any free utilities that will allow me to redact a few numbers from a scanned PDF document before emailing it?
You will need to make PDF editable first, then to redact the PDF.#1 Google DocsLogin into your Google AccountGoogle Drive,Click "New" File Upload, import the PDF file that you want to make in editable formatOnce uploaded, right click to "Open with Google Docs", if your PDFs are scanned copies, an OCR processing will start automatically,Your PDF will be opened in Google Docs, choose "File""Download As" to choose the editable output format you want to save your PDF as.#2 AdobeOpen PDF with Adobe Acrobat ProGo to ViewToolsRecognize Text in This File to make PDF editable on macNow the PDF file is editable now, you can edit the PDF file as you want to in Adobe, then go to “File” and export PDF as other editable format.
What are the best ways to redact a PDF?
Personally if it is highly classified I wouldn't use any form of electronic reactions on it's own.I would print off the pdf document, then proceed to use a permanent black marker to black out the confidential parts of the document. Then I would further tipex/whiteout the parts i marked with the black marker, then black parker ontop of the tipex/whiteout. This would be done on both sides of the page so you cannot pull it up to the light and see the words. After all this is done, I would scan the page transformation it back into a pdf then use Adobe PDF “redact" feature to do a final reaction on the classified document.This may be overkill, but this ensures pretty much no one on gods green earth other then those privy to such information can/will know what is exactly enclosed in said document.Regards,Ash
What is a good website for free books?
Edit Oct 2014: and seem to be the two working versions now. Edit July 2014:  Bookfi is gone, but seems to be the official clone now. Edit April 2014:  bookza is down, but /, another clone of bookOS/za is up now!  Also,  is another clone.  These just pop up!Edit January 2014: is a functional clone of bookos that's live today!Edit December 2013:  Unsurprisingly bookos seems down for good now.  At the moment, it seems is unbeatable.  Direct downloads, amazing selection, no ads, etc...  prolly won't stay up for too long though.
Where can I get online PDF or EPUB versions of books?
I usually use:General EBooks - Best books from all over internet for FREE! Search, Download, Read online - only on This works too:Project Gutenberg This is the best one though: Sadly, it keeps being taken down. Googled for more:Explore the most popular PDF books downloaded by our members Electronic library. Download books free. Finding books Hope it helps!
How do I automate redaction in PDF?
To perform redaction in PDF, you can try PDFelement. This tool lets you redact text, images and other elements in PDF with ease. You simply need to draw a redaction area and apply the redaction. You can also search certain text and apply redaction to all the same words at a time. PDFelement also lets you add custom text or redaction codes onto redaction box.This article will be helpful: How to Redact Text in PDF Files
What is the easiest way to edit a PDF?
In my understanding, you want to change original text in PDF, am I right?If your PDF is native file which is searchable and selectable, you can open it with PDFelement on your PC or Mac, and directly edit it under “Edit” mode. (see image below) Edited text would automatically match original font and size.If your PDF is scanned or images, you need to OCR(Optical Character Recognition) first to convert it into searchable and editable file. PDFelement 6 Pro can complete the OCR.Original file:After OCR:After OCR, then you can edit the PDF file directly under “Edit” mode.If you want to edit PDF on you iPhone, you can have PDFelement for iOS. As I know, it is the only free App offering PDF text editing and converting feature in Apple Store. (Please note, iOS version does not include OCR, therefore, you can only edit native PDF file. For scanned PDF, you can only annotate with drawing tool)
How can I download a free PDF of any book?
Just Google it