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This is a tutorial on how to save a file to a PDF Portable Document format in libreoffice for one of the nice things about libreoffice that I personally think makes it much nicer than Microsoft Office is its built-in ability to actually save any file to a PDF by default this actually comes built-in but there are a couple of ways to do it so I just have a sample document over here and what you can see is on your standard toolbar there's a button built right in for you that says export directly as PDF so it's really that easy it's one click and you can save any document to a PDF I'm just going to show you so I'm just gonna send this to my desktop that's where I'm playing with this test file and that will go ahead and render that as a PDF done it's that easy if you want to look and see I'll go ahead and pull it up as a PDF so you can see right here there's my document this is an ocular I'm running Linux but this works on Windows or Linux or Mac so that's how easy it is you can save any document as a PDF if for some reason that button isn't there there are other ways to do this so you can always go to the file drop-down menu and just click on export as PDF and one of the other nice things particularly on linux is you can generally go ahead and say you want to print it and then instead of actually printing go ahead and click on options and hit print to file and again you can save it as a PDF so it's really that easy say print a file click on print to file it's going to give you this screen to say where do you want to save it I'm just gonna overwrite the one that I just did it's a test file and there you go it's a second way to actually save it as a PDF so they're very easy ways built right into LibreOffice and Linux to make it very easy to save any file to a PDF

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Is there a way to convert your screenplays to be readable on Kindle or epub?
look into adobe creative cloud, they will be releasing CS6 in a few days and are making the entire creative suite available for $50 / month, $30 for students, as oppose to the usual $8,000, I know a lot more about their video production tools but they have put a lot of emphasis on outputting to kindle and ereaders from their products this year and make terrific products.http://www.adobe.com/products/di...their script writing program, adobe story, can import final draft files without altering format, that could be the bridge you needalso final draft will export xml, which could probably be used with other third party programs and should maintain format.otherwise .pdf is you best option, just make sure its searchable .pdf
What is the most common Ebook Trim Size?
It's rare for ebooks to have any trim size. That's because you can expect your ebook to be read on lashings of different screen sizes, by people with vastly different levels of visual acuity (while most are within the normal range). Thus, the font sizes chosen will be very different and the letters per line will be enormously varied. If you use a fixed format, such as a pdf, you'll miss most of your potential market for most types of ebooks. Most major retail sites don't even carry ebook formats with a trim size embedded.  And, if you're thinking of selling direct from your  own site -- that's great, but if you only sell from your site you'll miss 95%+ of your potential sales in most cases. 
If I am gonna use PDF, what are the dimensions I should use to fit an ebook to iPad and some other popular tablets?
If you're "gonna use" PDF, you're not creating an ebook. You're creating a document that will look the same on a screen as it will on a printer.eBooks are generally written in one of two formats: ePub or Amazon format. They were designed, from the beginning, to be a format that would reflow to fit the device they're being viewed on.I'd recommend that you reconsider how you're planning on formatting your manuscript - and also consider where you're going to sell it. No major eRetailer sells PDFs as eBooks. Because they're not.Look into eBook creation software like Amazon's Kindlegen, or LibreOffice with the Writer2ePub plug-in. Both are free, and you'll be able to create an eBook that can be sold on through the eBook parts of the Holy Trinity of Indie Publishing: Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords. If you use LibreOffice, you'll be able to create your physical book that you can put through the third part of the Holy Trinity: Createspace.
What are the differences between office 2010 and 2016?
What Are the Differences between Microsoft Office 2010 and Office 2016? The posts, below, have many bits and links that outline the new options that were added to each version of Microsoft Office. I appreciate the information and the useful resources. It is interesting to note that each author has some feature in MS Office that caught their attention.What Changed for Me The big difference was the switch from desktop computers to devices: Phones, Tablets and iPads. Almost 60% of all computing is now done on a hand-held device, not a desktop PC. Microsoft bought Nokia, the phone company, and all of the Touch Screen patents that Nokia owned.Bigger Ribbons The Ribbons definitely changed from Microsoft Office 2007 to 2013. The Ribbon is almost twice as big, so that I can click with my fingers, instead of my mouse.Word 2007 Home RibbonWord 2013 Home RibbonNew Quick Clicks The Quick Clicks provide rich options right next to whatever I am editing-Picture, Chart, Text-without having to scroll up to the top of a very little screen.Excel 2013 Chart StyleExcel 2016 Quick AnalysisIf you look at the bottom of Microsoft Excel, you can see the plus (+) sign by the Tabs. Doesn’t that remind you of the (+) that you use on your SmartPhone to add a new Contact? Hello, New TabConsume or Create? In class I make a distinction between consuming information: I read it on my SmartPhone.…And creating knowledge: I analyze the data and publish the findings professionally.The Computer Mama’s Work StationsMy Humble Opinion I believe that Microsoft is seeking the right pathway with their flagship product Microsoft Office. The options in Office 2016 are integrated with the business version of Microsoft Office 365. Being part of a server, especially an Exchange server, puts a lot of business savvy into the hands of a small business. These tools were very expensive to deploy and maintain in my own office: hardware, setup, support.I am looking forward to the next steps.Good question. Thanks for asking. eBethElizabeth Nofs, the Computer MamaNew Subscribers Welcome: https://thecomputermama.us Buy the books at Amazon: https://thecomputermama.us/books...