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Hi my name is Gabriel girlie and today I'm going to discuss how to save LibreOffice text documents in various formats including the Microsoft Word file format as well as PDF LibreOffice is one of my favorite office suites and has all the features I need to create documents however working in an enterprise environment I am altering changing files with other users who are unaware of the open document format or how to open them if you find yourself in a similar situation don't fear LibreOffice makes it easy to be able to save your documents in various formats including the Microsoft Office Word Excel PowerPoint and PDF file formats I will review two ways in which you can let make LibreOffice save a text document in the Microsoft Word format by either manually selecting to save the document by selecting the Microsoft Word file type or by configuring LibreOffice to select my croissants a default file format for saving your documents I will also review how to export your documents in a PDF file I'm gonna review how to save a libreoffice text document in the Microsoft Word file format by manually selecting to save the document within the file type when you select save as to begin I'm going to open up a document I have created in LibreOffice so here I have my text document that's been formatted and created in libreoffice just like you would any other normal document when you get ready to save the file you would go to file and choose save as here you would type in the name of the file that you would like to have for your document select your location and finally when you get the file type typically LibreOffice selects the ODF text document format ass's to file a file format however libreoffice gives you a number of options to save the document as when you click on the pop up menu here are all your selections that you have available for saving your document that includes microsoft word 97-2003 a standard docx file Microsoft Word 2003 XML files as well as the Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 XML format or docx files for this example I'm going to select the older docx format it's going to automatically put the filename extension on the document and then you click Save by default in libreoffice it's going to ask you - are you sure you want to save the document in the Microsoft Word format as opposed to oh D F format simply select use Microsoft Word and the document will be saved as a regular Microsoft Office 97 through 2003 docx file but of course if you don't have Microsoft Office this document was still open in LibreOffice you can open docx files and be able to edit them and save changes as well but if you were to send this to a user who who receives the document they will be able to open

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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


How do I install a PDF editor in Ubuntu 16.04?
You don’t really need to install a PDF editor to edit most of your PDF documents on Ubuntu. Ubuntu comes with the LibreOffice suite. Using LibreOffice Draw, you can import and edit PDF documents.In case LibreOffice Draw isn’t what you’re looking for, there are plenty of PDF editors available for Ubuntu/Debian. I prefer to use Master PDF Editor.Open Terminal using [CTRL] + [ALT] + [T], and give the below commands:wget sudo dpkg -i master-pdf-editor-*.deb The first line would download the installer for you, while the second line would install it.In case you face any issue during the installation, especially unmet dependencies, run the below command:sudo apt -f install Thanks for the A2A, Muthu Anand :-)
What is the best software for producing short but effective PDF guides?
You can use the free and open source LibreOffice[1]or OpenOffice[2] suites to create PDFs. The file menus have Export to PDF for each product. Both of these are fully functional replacements for Microsoft Office.Foxit has what they claim to be the best PDF editor, PhantomPDF[3]Alternatively you can print from any program using Print to PDF drivers. I use the Foxit Reader PDF Printer. Windows 10 has such a driver built in. There are very many alternatives.Thanks for asking.Edit: GrammarFootnotes[1] Free Office Suite[2][3] PDF Editor,PDF Editor Download,PDF Text Editor | Foxit Software
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I use Linux and have a file that uses Beteckna font. Will a generic Windows computer read Beteckna?
You’re not even saying what kind of file you’re talking about…If it’s a PDF, it should include the fonts used and display just fine on any computer that has a PDF reader of some description installed.If it’s a plain text file that your text editor happens to display in this font, no information about the font is in the file. Windows’ text editor will display it in whatever font it’s configured to use.If it’s (which I suspect) an ODF file (text, spreadsheet, what have you), then Windows by itself will not be able to deal with it natively. You’ll need to install Open/Libre Office for Windows (newer Word versions allege to be able to deal with ODF formats, but that support is rudimentary, to stay polite). Another option would be to save it in a Microsoft Office format and use that on the Windows computer. Most newer Windows versions will be able to at least display it, and most Windows installations have some Variant of MS Office preinstalled… Still: If the font isn’t installed on the Windows machine, it will get replaced by one that Windows deems similar and does have installed…Beteckna is apparently licensed under some sort of “Open Source” license, and available from various sites. Just search for something along the lines of “beteckna ttf download”, and you should find something. Download the TTF and install it (double clicking on it in Explorer should do the trick, if it doesn’t, right click on it and use the context menu)It appears to be possible to embed fonts into ODF files (for example using add or remove embedded fonts from OpenDocument Format files ) – I have no idea which programs can actually deal with embedded fonts, though. OpenOffice used to be quite reluctant to implement anything along the lines due to legal worries a couple of years ago. No idea about the current state of affairs…UPDATE:From Version 4.1 onwards, LibreOffice supports embedding fonts in ODF files. It is hidden under “File”→“Properties”→“Fonts”…
What are the best softwares for Linux for day to day usage?
Based on things you do on a day-to-day basisPhotos and imagesfeh: A lightweight (0.5MB installed size) cli program to view photos and set wallpapereog: A gtk based image viewer for the GNOME and similar desktops to view images, supports all the formats. This is my favorite image viewer.GIMP: Photoshop kinda software for the UNIX environmentInkscape: Vector graphics tool, something like Corel Draw on Windows. Use it to create block diagrams, logos, icons, svg, etc.ffmpeg: A must have multimedia program. Convert or create or open/play media i.e. image, video, audio, etc. in almost any format available.dia: An application similar to MS Paint on WindowsVideosmpv: A command line video player that supports many (almost all) video/audio formats, has gazillion features. This is what I use for viewing videos, both local as well as youtube videos.mplayer: similar to mpv, less features, old code base but tends to be more optimized. Though not drastically.VLC: Well, do I need to say anything? A media player that can play everything. Although I prefer mpv over vlc because mpv is lightweight, faster, much simpler and has more features.ffmpeg: Same as above. Convert any video/audio format to any A script, python script that lets you download videos from youtube and other video hosting websites like vimeo. You can even play youtube videos from your command line using mpv and youtube-dl combo.Web BrowsingGoogle Chrome: Same as Windows counterpart, though quite a bit faster on Linux.Firefox: Probably the first choice of Linux users when it comes to a web browserChromium: Open source project from which google chrome is created. It does not include the proprietary codecs, PPAPI flash plugin, pdf viewer, etc. like google chrome has.Midori: Lightweight web browserEmailThunderbird: First choice of most linux users and even many Windows users. A very good email clientEvolution: Grand daddy of email clients. Supports almost everything when it comes to emails and even more like calender, tasks, contacts, memos, etc. It is high on resources though. I use it because I need all those features.Geary: My favorite alternative to Evolution, though lacks some features like GPG support, full screen mail viewer, contacts integration for hotmail/gmail/etc.Mutt: Emails client for CLI wizards. Not for noobs.Claws: A lightweight email client. Only supports plain text emails thoughKmail: Well, it is Kontact actually. A part of the KDE PIM suite to manage your contacts, calender, mails, tasks, etc. It is default on KDE and recommended only for qt based desktops since it has a big part of KDE desktop as dependency.Office softwareI will only recommend one here, the LibreOffice Suite. It is fairly full-featured.MessagingPidgin: Well, this is a classic messaging client to use on Linux, it supports almost all messaging servicec like facebook, gmail, telegram, skype, lync, hotmail, yahoo, whatsapp web, etc. One software that can handle all your messaging needs.Text editorsWell, I would recommend ViM or Emacs here for everyone. For those who are faint-hearted to learn them, here are some options:Gedit: GNOME’s text editor. Supports syntax highlighting for many programming languages.Atom: A next gen programming text editor by GitHub targeted at programmers.Sublime: Another programming text editorMousepad: A gtk based lightweight text editor that supports syntax highlighting.Notepadqq: Notepad++ for linux. Really? With Atom/Sublime and the divine editors ViM/Emacs, who would use Notepad++ on Linux?Am I missing something?
How can I create a nice-looking resume PDF for free, using the data on my LinkedIn account?
Make a custom resume from your own template or one by example. Download your data off linkedin, either by PDF or just copy and paste into a text file to get it offline.The best free MS Word compatible editors I have found areGoogle Docs: create and edit documents online, for free.OpenOffice: Apache OpenOfficeLibreOffice: Free Office SuiteFreeOffice: FreeOffice for Windows, Linux and AndroidOpen Office is the best known, GoogleDocs is getting there, but is entirely web-driven (good if you are on a fast Internet, but can get annoying on a detailed resume like mine). LibreOffice is slightly more compatible to Microsoft Office than Open Office is, but less well known and I know they would shoot me for saying it, but not always as intuitive. Somethings work exactly as you’d expect, some things don’t. However, I guess I would say the same for MS Office, so … I guess you can’t complain, and the price is still free so it's all nice! The last one is the most compatible to MS Word, but it’s commonly referred to as annoying-ware. It’s free, but it always reminds you that there is a paid version available with more features.Then search out a resume you like online, I tend to crosslink my resume templates by industry. Those of us in the Computers Science industry have extra data to fit, we tend to use different formats, same goes to chemists, and artists tend to be more creative and the worst thing you can do is use a template borrowed from someone else - either plain or unique, one or the other.When you find your format, print the template (or download it if it is available) and start fitting your own data to it. It will take a while. I found one I liked in a related technology, I didn’t like the software engineer resumes, or none really “jumped out at me” but when I was searching related careers: resume template network engineer I found a resume that jumped out at me. It was just an image, not a real template. It took me a full day plus to reproduce it with tables inside MS-Word and aligned such that everything fit right, shaded right, etc. Eventually, I started modifying it. It now looks different still, though I am debating on changing it again this year in preparation for my senior year of a Bachelor’s program at my university. Next semester I will finally be a senior.Take the time, do it right. Don’t use a template program. Take a day, write it in a word processor and keep up with it. It will serve you well for much longer.
How can I write in LaTeX using Word 2013? Is there a plugin like TexMaths for LibreOffice?
Perhaps using dedicated tool - like texmaker - would suit better for whatever exact needs you have. Homepage: Texmaker (free cross-platform latex editor) or with some browsing alternatives could be found Texmaker Alternatives and Similar Software - AlternativeTo.netlatex free download - SourceForge (but also to have a notice on last activity date might be relevant),Query for latex in github: Build software better, togetherTexmaker Alternatives and Similar Software - AlternativeTo.netI think usual practice is to use Office Writer/Word as is (if requiered then with plugin for latex formulas), and then some converter program/script for from office formatted document to Latex.OpenOffice Latex: OOoLatex | Apache OpenOffice ExtensionsTexMaths HomepageOpenOffice extencions for latex: Search extensionsLibreOffice Extensions and Templates for latex2. For other way around write in latex with some (basic or latex-dedicated) text editor, use converter for html output, which then can be imported to other (office) programs or to be printed to paper or pdf-file.In case of linux, via terminal you can use following (also possibly with mac these might be available via homebrew):For PDF output there are pdflatex. For usage type `man pdflatex` into terminal. In case package not already installed for (terminal puts out similar to following: “command not found” or “man page not found”), type `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt install pdflatex`.for HTML output there are latex2html. For usage type `man latex2html` into terminal. In case package not already installed for (terminal puts out similar to following: “command not found” or “man page not found”), type `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt install latex2html`.Hopefully helpful, at least for until someone provide better answer - I’m away from this for years now, never used any Apple product and not really using any ms product for over a decade.