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How to how to redact a pdf without adobe pro

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How do we make changes in a PDF file without Adobe Acrobat Pro or Livecycle?
Open your PDF file in Microsoft Word. Make your changes and then save it as a PDF. You might need to, intermediately, save it as a Word file.
How can I remove the “Unmarked set by user” note that appears on each page of a PDF after I redact it using Adobe Acrobat?
During redacting, Acrobat allows you to set the look and feel of the note that will appear in reacted areas once done. While marking areas to redact, you can click Properties in the context menu and set and format the text to show in every individual redacted block:The settings are “sticky” and will stay for every new redaction until you change them. That’s what might have happened to you since you or some other user on your account last changed the redaction properties.Now, that’s all good and dandy, but if you already applied the redactions, they become regular objects ingrained in the document, and can no longer be changed like that. But hey, on the flipside, they become searchable and replaceable. Go Edit Find, and replace the original redaction text with whatever you want. It’s going to be tedious though as there’s no Replace All for your own good, and any formatting changes will need to be reapplied individually to every object.
How do you write on a PDF without Adobe?
There are many Adobe alternatives for editing and annotating PDFs. For example, PDF Expert is a great choice on Mac. You can select the ‘Pen’ tool to draw or write on a document.You can also type your comments on the margins with the ‘Text’ tool.There are more annotation tools: you can highlight or underline text, and sticky notes.Cheers!
How do you convert an adobe illustrator file to a pdf file without any resulting color conversion problems?
Make sure to set Color Conversion: to "No conversion"Profile Inclusion Policy: to "Don't Include Profiles"ps: Asking this question at Illustrator forum would have more chances of getting answer - Illustrator | Adobe Community
How can I redact a document/PDF for free?
You can try free trial of pdffiller service. They have very good and flexible editor and make refund quite fast if you will not like it.
How can I edit a PDF without Adobe software?
Use this one on MacUpdate:Cisdem PDFConverterOCR for Mac | MacUpdateThe free trial is available, you can use it to convert PDF into 10+ editable formats(Word, Excel, PPT, Epub, html, text, etc), then edit the PDF files in preferred file editors. It keeps the original formatting, ,layout, fonts, image quality.With this, you don’t even need to open a PDF with PDF viewer.
How can I change the font on comments I've added to a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro?
Depending on your version of the Acrobat Pro software, it might look different. (I’m using the DC version below.) But the idea is this:Textual comments like the text frame can be set from the comments bar.The font of the text in the Comments list and panel can’t be set. Only a few visual properties can be personalised, but not the font. That’s part of the overall interface of Acrobat.
What are the best ways to redact a PDF?
Personally if it is highly classified I wouldn't use any form of electronic reactions on it's own.I would print off the pdf document, then proceed to use a permanent black marker to black out the confidential parts of the document. Then I would further tipex/whiteout the parts i marked with the black marker, then black parker ontop of the tipex/whiteout. This would be done on both sides of the page so you cannot pull it up to the light and see the words. After all this is done, I would scan the page transformation it back into a pdf then use Adobe PDF “redact" feature to do a final reaction on the classified document.This may be overkill, but this ensures pretty much no one on gods green earth other then those privy to such information can/will know what is exactly enclosed in said document.Regards,Ash