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Deborah W.
I corrected a mistake in my form and replaced it with the right information. It took a few minutes only! Thanks a lot!
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James S.
The process of PDF correction has never been so easy. I’ve managed to create a new document faster than ever before!
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William G.
It was really easy to fill out my PDF document and add a signature to it! This is a great service! I recommend it to you!
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Denis B.
I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


How can I combine scanned pages at Foxit reader?
If you want to combine scanned pages, a feature of ‘combining PDF files’ will be needed. As Foxit Reader is a PDF viewer for reading PDF documents. There’s no page organization features in this product.I would suggest you trying Foxit PhantomPDF, in which you’ll have 14 days for evaluation.In Foxit PhantomPDF, following are the steps to combine PDF files:Choose Convert Tab From Multiple Files, as following:There will be a prompt window:You can add the PDF files that you want to combine, by clicking ‘Add Files’ under the banner.Then choose the type of converted PDF files, you can choose ‘Merge multiple files into a single PDF file’.Click ‘Convert’ to combine the documents.Besides of Combine PDF Files, Foxit PhantomPDF also provides other editing features on PDF files, such as editing page contents, creating forms, etc.You can get more info from this webpage: PDF Creator,Create PDF Files,Create PDF Form | Foxit Software
Why do you use Linux?
The first time I ever used Linux was in 2014. Back then, I owned a very low-end laptop which had a core2duo processor and ran on Windows XP. My laptop was sluggishly slow and it drove me crazy. As a solution, a friend of mine suggested to switch to a lightweight Linux distro which might help me get the most out of my outdated laptop. I went with Ubuntu because I conveniently found its iso file on one of the PCs at Uni.So yeah, the first time I ever used Linux was because I wanted to make my laptop go faster, and it kind of worked! Moreover, it came with everything essential right out of the box - A whole office suite (LibreOffice), a good text editor for coding and even a torrent client.Now, I’ll be honest here - I initially used Linux partially because it made me look cool among my class-mates *wink wink*. I was the only one with a Ubuntu laptop, and everybody had so many questions!The second time I installed Linux was in an old laptop my dad brought home from work. I revived the ancient one with Manjaro Linux, a super light-weight distro usually used for net-books:I loved the fact how Linux allowed room for customization and offered so many different flavors. After getting a new high-end laptop in 2015, I installed Elementary OS, which totally looked like a Mac interface:I think the first time I ever realized the true power and utility Linux provided was when I started tinkering with the Terminal. The moment I figured out how to use wild-cards to do things like “locating all files in a directory whose name starts with the letter m or has a specific extension” was truly satisfying! The day I started shell-scripting is another story.Edit: My first answer with 200+ Upvotes! Thanks guys! Linux ftw!
Can I install LibreOffice, VLC and PDF reader on Kali Linux?
Kali was not designed to be used as a desktop system. Due to exceptionally dangerous default security settings, you’ll probably shoot your foot off pretty quickly.Install a regular Linux distribution and stop pretending you’re a hacker.
Which are the must have applications or programs for Windows 10 PC?
My un-ordered list of must have applications on Windows :Visual Studio (For C++/C#)Anaconda (For Python)git (For everything)gcc/clang (For C/C++)Office (For Word/Powerpoint/Excel)VMware (For Using Linux)torrent client (For downloading torrents)vlc (For Videos)winrar (For compressing/uncompressing)wireshark/nmap (I need this :p)chrome/firefox (For browsing internet)PowerDVD (For Music/Videos)notepad++ (As simple editor)OpenVPN (For using VPN)cmderdev/cmder (Console Emulator)
What are the recommended programs to have in your laptop?
It kind of depends on whether you use your PC for your job or not?My essentials on my work system are as follows (in no particular order):Adobe ReaderServer Admin ToolsAnti-VirusWiresharkVLCRevoMS LyncPuttyNetwork CalculatorGoogle DriveNetwork ScannerOne DriveSkypePowerShell ISE - shortcut to TaskbarNotepad++VMWare WorkstationMagic ISOWinSCPLogmein ClientChromeFireFoxWebexMS Office/Visio/ProjectRemote Desktop ManagerVPNBitlocker enabledMy personal laptop:Adobe ReaderAnti-VirusVPNWiresharkGoogle driveOne DriveMagic ISOChromeMS OfficeSkypeLogmein ClientVLCWinAMPBitlocker enabled…And as I’m a gamer:SteamGOG GalaxyUplayOriginBattlenetThere’s probably some I’ve missed, especially on my work system but, those that are there are pretty much staples every time I rebuild my systems.
What is something you think everyone should have installed on their computer or laptop?
The big open source, freeware and free to use software list.Note: All of the applications are free to use, freeware or open-source. A couple of them have however a trial period(you can still use the software after the trial has run out) or there's a purchasable version as well. I've also listed several similar applications (like Firefox and Chrome for browsers or Foxit Reader and Sumatra PDF for PDF readers)so that you can find your your own personal favorite. You don't need both, but it's nice to have something to chose from.Thanks for all the recommendations and kind words which I've gotten over the past couple of hours. I've updated and cleaned up the list a bit, so it should look a bit better.Update: 12.12.12. - Cleaned up the list, added a few extra applications and updated the information. I'm most likely going to update the information a bit more in the upcoming days.Video:VLC - Open source video player.Media Player Classic - Home Cinema - Light-weight media player for Windows. I personally like MPC-HC much better than VLC. Supports more codecs/formats and video looks better.Combined Community Codec Pack - A simple playback pack for Windows with the goal of supporting the majority of video formats in use today. Must have if you watch certain tv-shows or anime.Audio:Foobar 2000 - Extremely lightweight and customizable free audio player for Windows. Supports a wide array of different audio formats.Audacity - Free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds.Spotify - Listen to music for free.Grooveshark - Listen to music and radio stations for free.Browsers:FirefoxChromeWaterfox - 64bit browser based upon the Mozilla Firefox source code.Pale Moon - Open Source, full-featured, speed optimized browser based on the popular Firefox browser.Extensions for browsers:Reddit Enhancement Suite - Make surfing Reddit so much more enjoyable. Highly customizable and easy to set up.Adblock Plus - Blocks annoying ads on webpages and in videos. Surf faster and safer.Ghostery - Anti ad/tracking extension.ProxTube - Circumvent blocked Youtube videos.Speed Dial - Allows fast access to your most visited websites. Extremely useful if you visit or want to keep track off a lot of different websites.NoScript - Open source add-on (for Firefox) which allows JavaScript, Java, Flash and other plugins to be executed only by trusted web sites of your choice.ScriptNo - Similar to NoScript only for Chrome instead.Search by Image for Google (Firefox) - Fast way to reverse search an image. Very handy if you're looking for a source, more information or if anyone posts "original content".Search by Image for Google (Chrome)Security:Microsoft Security Essentials - Lightweight antivirus software.Avast! Free Antivirus - Antivirus software.Malwarebytes - Anti-malware software.TrueCrypt - Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux.Keepass - Free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.LastPass - Another password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure.System, cleaning and recovery:CCleaner - A freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. For Windows and Mac.Defraggler - Defragmentation software for Windows.Recuva - File recovery software for Windows.Speccy - Give you detailed statistics on every piece of hardware in your computer. For Windows.Communications:Skype - Call friends/family on their computers or phones. For Windows and Mac.Pidgin - Open source chat client which is compatible with several different chat networks.Trillian - A fully featured, stand-alone chat client that supports several different chat networks.HexChat - IRC chat client for both Linux and Windows.Documents, images and graphics:Foxit Reader - Free PDF reader for Windows, Linux and smartphones.Sumatra PDF - Free PDF reader for Windows.Open Office - Open source personal productivity suite.Libre Office - Open source personal productivity suite for Windows, Mac and Linux.GIMP - Free image manipulation film & Theatrical Specialty Coatings Site Coming Soon! - A free image and photo editing software. For Windows.IrfanView - The best freeware image/graphic viewer for Windows. Extremely lightweight and supports a wide arrange of different formats.Compression:WinRAR - File archiver (You can still use the software after the trial period has run out).7-Zip - Open source file archiver.File sharing:uTorrent 2.2.1 - uTorrent became extremely bloated after they released version 3.0 and on. Version 2.2.1 has everything you need without using many resources or having any ads.Transmission - Extremely lightweight BitTorrent client for Mac and Linux. There's an unofficial Windows version which you can get here: Transmission-Qt WinDeluge - Lightweight, cross-platform BitTorrent client.qBittorrent - Free, lightweight cross-platform BitTorrent client.Trixati - Free BitTorrent client for Windows and Linux.CD/DVD-tools:ImgBurn - Good, lightweight burning application.CDburnerXP - Another good, lightweight burning application.Virtual Clonedrive - Free media emulation software.DAEMON Tools Lite - Free media emulation software.PowerISO - Media emulation software.Online Storage:Dropbox - Cloud storage. For Windows, Mac, Linux and smartphones.Google Drive - Google's cloud storage solution similar to Dropbox.Skydrive - Microsoft's cloud storage solution. Now also available on Xbox360.Live streaming/recording:Open Broadcaster Software - Free and open source software for media streaming/recording.FFsplit - A free front-end application that allows you to capture and record what is happening on your desktop. For Windows.DXtory - Dxtory is a movie capture tool only for DirextX/OpenGL application. For Windows.Other:Steam - PC-game client for PC, Mac and Linux (Linux version is still in closed beta).f.lux - Makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. Must have if you have problems with going to sleep or have problems with eyes or headaches. For Windows.RedShift - Just like f.lux but for Linux (there exists an experimental Windows build though).Sublime Text 2 - A great text editor for code, markup and prose. For Windows, Mac and Linux.Notepad++ - Free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. For Windows.Rainlendar - A lightweight customizable calendar.Hamachi - A hosted VPN service that lets you create LAN-like networks. Very useful if you want to play older pc-games with friends.Tunngle - A p2p VPN tool somewhat similar to Hamachi.Source: foamed
What software should I immediately install after buying a new personal computer with Windows installed?
Before you install any software, configure Windows like so:The very first account you create on your new machine automatically has full administrative privileges across the whole machine. So call this something like Admin and set a strong password for it. This isn’t your own daily use personal account. That’ll be the 2nd account you add to the machine. Why? It adds an extra layer of protection by prompting you for the Admin password if anything tries to install itself on your machine. It also stops friends/family/acquaintances from installing/uninstalling anything on your machine without your permission. This is because by default, Windows creates all subsequent accounts as Standard User accounts which don’t have permission to make any system wide settings changes.Install Adobe Reader and tick the box to install Chrome at the same time. Most people need a reliable browser and PDF reader and the ones bundled with Windows can fall short in some areas.Install VLC if you need a program that can handle a multitude of video formats natively. If not, skip it.Uninstall any trial antivirus programs the machine might have come with. With No. 1 in place, I’ve been running all my machines with Microsoft’s Windows Defender (and Microsoft Security Essentials before that) for donkey’s years and have never (touch wood) picked up a virus, despite sometimes using my own machine to clean up infected hard drives. Avoid the likes of the freebie AVG, Avast, Avira etc. The free versions tend to run machine slowing startup scans that can only be disabled by purchasing the full version and the protection levels (esp AVG) might even be lower than Windows Defender.Install MS-Office if you need it for Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations etc. If that’s overkill or beyond budget, Open/Libre Office are passable alternatives.The Business and Pro versions of MS-Office include Outlook, the defacto mail client for seriously heavyweight email handling. If you don’t mind the adverts, webmail can suffice. At a pinch even Windows Mail can just about get the job done, but I find it quite simple and limiting. EM-Client is a free for personal use reasonably robust alternative. Some people use Mozilla’s Thunderbird.This is more relevant before you buy a machine, but always get the Pro version of Windows if you can. This lets you defer the forced Windows feature updates for up to a year, which is important in this day and age of Microsoft sometimes pushing out less than robust updates, that can lead to system downtime or worse, loss of data if you don’t have a robust backup regime in place.Look into and set-up a backup regime that ideally backs up your critical data automatically at a relevant frequency. dodgy system updates, viruses or other malware, or even a spilled cup of coffee can render your important files inaccessible. Machines and programs can always be replaced. User data/files often can’t. Don’t be caught without a backup.Microsoft’s OneDrive gets you 5GB of free cloud storage. For some people, that might be enough. If you need more, then an Office 365 subscription comes with 1TB along with the ability to install MS-Office on up to 5 devices.
Why does Linux lack all important programs like Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office and games like FIFA?
“Why does Linux lack all important programs like Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office and games like FIFA?”The answer to this is, sadly, because companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and EA have specifically and wilfully declined to support Linux as a target platform for their software.Why? There are any number of reasons.Adobe used to provide Acrobat Reader natively for Linux, but discontinued support for it years ago. The reason is probably money: Reader use often leads to Acrobat Pro purchases on Windows and Macs, but they’ve never released (to my knowledge) a version of the Pro software on Linux. It’s a loss-leader with no hope of recovery. Besides, there are plenty of free packages available for various distros that do as good a job (if not better) than Reader ever did.Microsoft has always had a hate on for Linux, seeing it as lost sales of their Server line of operating systems. Sure, they’ve sort-of made peace with Linux, or at least presented the impression of making peace, in order to try and claw back some market share. They’ve released Office software for Android - which is based on the Linux kernel - but not, after all these years, for any desktop distro of Linux.EA is just EA. EA will continue to do the most EA thing that EA can do, which is be the worst, because that’s what EA does.To the best of my ability to recall (and search via Google), there is not a single game published by EA that has native Linux support. Hell, their support for Mac isn’t that great.“Want to play Sims on Mac? No? How about Sims? No? How about SimCity? No? Well… We have a couple of other games that a handful of people may want to play…” It’s pretty sad.The short answer is, until more companies start supporting Linux and demonstrating that there is a viable, paying market share to tap into, many companies won’t bother porting.Now, Valve - through Steam - has done a great job of promoting Linux as a viable gaming platform. I own a fairly large number of games in my library, of the total, perhaps 40–50% can also run on a Mac, but ~30% are available on Linux, and that number has been steadily increasing. The call for native Linux versions of many games can be heard in the games’ discussion boards on Steam. The need is out there.