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How can I remove the “Unmarked set by user” note that appears on each page of a PDF after I redact it using Adobe Acrobat?
During redacting, Acrobat allows you to set the look and feel of the note that will appear in reacted areas once done. While marking areas to redact, you can click Properties in the context menu and set and format the text to show in every individual redacted block:The settings are “sticky” and will stay for every new redaction until you change them. That’s what might have happened to you since you or some other user on your account last changed the redaction properties.Now, that’s all good and dandy, but if you already applied the redactions, they become regular objects ingrained in the document, and can no longer be changed like that. But hey, on the flipside, they become searchable and replaceable. Go Edit Find, and replace the original redaction text with whatever you want. It’s going to be tedious though as there’s no Replace All for your own good, and any formatting changes will need to be reapplied individually to every object.
Why would the Feds/FBI redact information on someone they were trying to capture?
Usually because it involves the sources and methods used in the past, or currently being used to find that person or others. A majority of people that the FBI would be trying to locate would never have much information redacted. This would usually only be used for people with extreme national security implications. This would be the reason for redactions but you might have a situation where generic terms are used like, person 1, person 2, etc. That is often done to protect those that are either not accused of committing crimes, or are just not being charged with a crime.
I want to study, but I waste my whole day without doing anything significant, and am unable to concentrate. What should I do?
Start waking up at 5 in the morning and drink water immediately. You can go back to sleep after 9 if you want, but those 4 hours in the morning will change the way you live! Knowing that you have a head start on the day, you will want to plan out your day, make time tables. Somehow waking up early, makes you feel good about yourself and you wouldn't want to give up on that, once you start off. :)Also, the first thing to do when you wake up is plan out briefly what you need to get done that day, and the last thing you do before going to bed is check a record what you actually did. Write it down in this manner:1.What did I get done today?2.What did I do for my family today?3. Did I exercise today?4. Did I care for my friends today?5. What am I grateful for today?6. What are the three good things about today?7. How can I make tomorrow better?8. How much money did I spend today?This does help a lot. I was once a heavy weight lazy 20 year old. Used to be good at academics while at school but somehow had lost all sorts of will power to study or keep myself healthy. But when I became morbidly obese, my parents started to worry and I started feeling lethargic. I had lost all sense of self confidence too.But a few months ago, I decided I need to stop this. So I got my shit together, and all I did was start waking up at 4 AM everyday. It was difficult. But I started out by reading novels in the morning. I have always been an avid reader and this habit made me want to wake up just to get more reading done. Slowly I started out exercising after reading and slowly started studying too. Having a psychologist as a mother helped quite a bit. :DStarted recording what I want to do and what I did each day.In the past 3 months, my GPA shot up, I lost 20 kilos and became a better basketball player. Just by changing this habit of constantly staying on the internet and wasting time, I became a whole new person, a person who I am proud to talk about. :DDon't get me wrong, I do need to catch up on my favourite shows and movies every weekend, but it doesn't seem like a waste of time anymore.Remember - When you do the things that you need to do, when you need to do them, the day will come when you can do the things you want, when you want to do them.Hope this helps. :)
How do I cite a PDF e-book resource without publication information in the APA format?
I guess asking him directly would require constructing a time travel device and if you could do that anything he has to say would be hardly relevant to you. The PDF file you're interested in had to come from somewhere and that data is likely stored somewhere in the vastness of the Internet. Have you tried typing the title (or first line of text) into a Google search and see what comes up? That doesn't always work but the results are usually interesting. Worst case scenario, you could just reference the PDF and estimate origin date of work as a range.
How frequently does it happen that therapy notes are subpoenaed for legal proceedings involving a client? Can a therapist redact information from their notes to protect a clients privacy prior to turning them over to the courts?
I’ve had this happen a number of times in my career, mostly in connection with child custody hearings. Each time, I’ve applied to the court and asked if I can appear to answer questions with my therapy notes, but not turn them over to the court, since they then become part of the public record, and they contain confidential information about my client(s) which is not relevant to the case. Each time, the judge has ruled that I may do so, and it has not been an issue.And no, at least where I practice, in Canada, a therapist is not permitted to redact or hold back or destroy any part of their therapy notes before submitting them to the court. It’s an offence to do so.Even though I have never had to turn over my therapy notes to any court to date, I’m still aware that this could happen one day. Because of this, I always ask clients in the first session if there is any reason to believe that they may be involved in a legal issue or a court case, for custody, insurance purposes, a lawsuit, etc. I explain that I am required by law to produce my notes in court if subpoened to do so. If there is any reason to believe this may happen at some point, I am very careful what I write down, and I explain to the client that I will try my best to ensure that anything I do write in my notes cannot be used against them in any way. So far, this has always worked out well.
How do you convert a Word file to PDF on Mac without losing your hyperlinks?
Try to use in order to convert any MS Word document to PDF without signups and software downloads.
How do I reset my Gmail password when I don't remember my recovery information?
How do I reset my Gmail password when I don't remember my recovery information?Sad fact: You CAN’T.Unsurprisingly, Google has very solid account security. Among the finest in the world, in fact. If you have lost or forgotten your Google/Gmail password, or if your account was hacked, you have exactly one way to get back into that account. The automated process that starts here:’s IT.Really!I’ve answered variations on this other times and places, and added a lot of other detail. But it all adds up to the same thing.If you have a G Suite account thru a business or school, you can call your Administrator. If you own a G Suite hosted domain (cheaper and easier than you think, and worth doing) or if you are an Admin on a domain, then you can call tech support at Google, directly. They’re available 24/7, and trust me, they are good.But with a free Gmail account, if you get locked out, you absolutely cannot contact a human being at Google about it. You can’t call, text, email, snail mail, carrier pigeon or pony express them.Sorry. No.UPDATE, 10/17/2018. There is a new product, Google One. It offers additional account storage - and tech support, for gmail addresses, including live phone support. Which of course made me VERY curious if this could be used to unlock accounts. So being as I already pay for additional storage and was therefore automatically enrolled in Google One, I filled in the little form, and had them call me.And the answer is… NO. The tech support folks you can reach with the Google One service do indeed work for Google. But they do not (and cannot!) offer any assistance for locked out accounts, other than to walk you thru the automated process. If that process fails to get you in - you lost the account.Side issue: The reason there are so many collapsed answers here is because there are a ton of scammers out there who want you to call them, and they work hard to get their links into Quora answers. They will also use every trick there is to convince you they are somehow affiliated with or sanctioned by Google. They aren’t. They can only use the same automated process I linked above - and charge you good money for doing something you can do yourself.Again, there is only one way to recover a free Gmail/Google account. you can’t get in using that process, you lost the account. Forever.So the best advice I can give you is to carefully go thru the Security Checkup process on your Google Account page, here: can set up a recovery phone number and email address. I STRONGLY suggest you use both, and make the recovery email address one that belongs to a close family member or trustworthy friend. NOT one of your own, that you may forget or lose!Also set up 2-Step Verification, using every possible safety option, including printing your recovery codes and stashing them in several places. Used properly, 2 Step can and will prevent your account getting hacked.