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I'm going to demo how to redact information using Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro and to do that I'm going to go ahead and open a PDF where I have information that I want to redact in this instance it's a tax return and I want to redact the social security numbers so I click on tools in the upper right hand corner I scroll down to protection click on protection below that under blackout and remove content I will find my redaction tools first thing I want to do is click on redaction properties to set the look of how I want my redaction to appear if I want the redaction to look like a Sharpie in other words just blackout cover over information I would use the redacted area fill color at the very top of the redaction tool property display and if I click on that inside the little square I have a choice of colors I could pick click on black to as I mentioned look like a sharpie if I use grey that's going to look save on toner and in this case though I'm going to use white and why because I want to use an overlay text so I'm going to use white make sure that I've checkmark the box next to use overlay text that then allows me to select from a variety of fonts to change font size even to change the color and then of course I want to align where I want the text to be in this case flush left and below that I even have the option to customize the text and of course I want to do that for my social security numbers I'm going to have X's appear where the numbers originally were then I click OK next I need to now mark my document or mark that information within my document that I want to have redacted so I'm going to click on mark for redaction and it will be forewarn to me that hey redacting is a two-step process you first have to read you have to mark the information you want to have redacted and then you actually have to apply those redactions and Adobe does this because it allows say a paralegal and/or an administrative assistant to go into a document redact the information that they've been asked to redact and then save that and either forwarded to the attorney or to a colleague or to co-counsel and have them review it and and when they review it then they would actually apply those redactions that they want to have redacted so I'm going to go ahead and click on OK here because I know it's a two-step process and as soon as I do that Adobe gives me this little box that allows me to begin marking my read actions so I want to be take my time here and be very careful that I only mark the information that

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How can you undo in Adobe Photoshop?
Edit Undo, or CTRL+Z, on Mac Command+ZOr Edit Step back, or CTRL+ALT+Z, on Mac Command+Option+Z which allows you to step back one step at a time through the history.You can also customise the keyboard shortcuts if you want. I usually always change the Step Back to CTRL+Z, and the Step Forward to CTRL+YHint: Edit Keyboard Shortcuts
What is the redaction tool in Adobe Acrobat Reader?
The Redaction tool let's you completely eradicate the underlying content. It's not just a black rectangle, but a truly cut-out area, filled with black (or any other color you prefer). So it leaves no traces, there's nothing underneath something – the information is totally gone.Simply using a black background color to cloak a black text (e.g. in Word or any other word processor) doesn't cut it, literally. The black background is just a shape, which can be deleted separately, revealing the text again…
How do I cancel my answer request or A2A on Quora? I can't uncheck the box once I touch it.
If you clicked it accidentally, just click Cancel button that appears at the same place immediately.If you've left the page, and came back to find it's suggesting new people to you this time, just click on the number 'x' beside Asked to Answer(x), and it shows you list of people whom you have asked to answer a question. Go ahead and click on Cancel button beside the name of the person you've asked to answer.If however, you asked it anonymously and you can't find the question itself, go to and find the question you've asked in the list, and then do the above. In case you unfollowed the question after asking anonymously, you might have to search for the question first and then cancel the request. The real problem is when you forget the question itself, in which case you probably deserve losing credits. ,)
Why does Adobe Photoshop differentiate between "Undo" and "Step Backwards"? The consequence of this is that you can't repeatedly hit "Control-Z" to undo, but rather the awkward "Control-Z Control-Alt-Z Control-Alt-Z..."
This is a slightly painful story from my point of view, and one that still haunts me to this day. Not because the answer itself is painful, but because I get asked this question so many times.Before I explain, you can change the shortcut behavior in the edit Keyboard Shortcuts dialog so that Step Backwards is assigned to Cmd-Z (and therefore mimicking normal multiple undo behavior) while assigning Undo/Redo to Cmd-Opt-Z, which I do every time I install a new copy of Photoshop. Leave Step Forward as Cmd-Shift-Z. The main reason this behavior exists is this:Mark Hamburg and I got into a disagreement over what Undo should mean as we were adding the History feature into Photoshop 5.0. I was always pressing for using the History feature to allow us to mimic the multiple undo behavior that Illustrator and Microsoft Office used at the time, which meant hitting Cmd-Z multiple times would walk you back through multiple steps, or step backward.Mark felt a certain image analysis behavior in Photoshop was more critical. That behavior being that many photographers and image processing experts used the traditional Undo shortcut behavior to quickly make a change, then toggle back and forth rapidly to see the Before/After effect on the screen. Hitting Cmd-Z with this method helps someone to make a decision about whether the edit they just made is what they wanted.Needless to say, I lost the argument about the default behavior (what got assigned to Cmd-Z for out of the box installation) with the introduction of History feature. I wanted Photoshop to follow the multiple undo behavior that most applications used at the time (and still do). I was only able to swallow that decision because we were adding customizable shortcuts soon enough so that I could change Cmd-Z to act like the way I wanted it to, and reassign the shortcut to Step Backward.To this day I hate this default behavior. It drives me insane actually. But I can't say Mark was wrong. At the time, late 1997 or early 1998 or so, making the right decision was basically a crapshoot. It probably still is. Given how many more people these days that use Photoshop to do general graphic design, web design and production work -- along with the introduction of Lightroom to cover more digital photography work and the popularity of the Creative Suite in general as an all purpose graphics suite -- it might seem the right call would be to make the default Cmd-Z mimic multiple undo behavior. But there was no real way to know that back in 1997.
What is your biggest regret in life?
A few months before my sister committed suicide she confided in me that she was extremely depressed. She called me on my cell from her home in the mountains of Northern Cali, I was in So Cal, preparing for a new phase of my life, I had quit my job as a lawyer and was planning to spend some time traveling and living out of my camper. First stop was the Bitteroot Mountains in Montana. My sister loved the idea of Montana. She had never been but had seen the pictures and read the brochures. A River Runs Through It was one of her favorite movies.During our conversation she told me she had been thinking about suicide. I didn’t blow it off, but I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have. She talked about our brother once saying he was going to commit suicide and I said he would never do it. He was just wanting attention in saying so, but I also said I knew that wasn’t true of her and if she ever felt that way she needed to call me.She asked me tentatively if I would be alright with her going with me to Montana. That was not part of my plan. I wanted to be completely alone to think and write. It was a big part of why I was starting out my new life in those mountains outside a tiny little town in Montana. I explained this to her and she said she understood. I don’t remember how the conversation ended.A few months later I was driving up to Montana and planning on visiting family but my sister’s home was not on the way. I had expected her to drive to me, where the rest of the family was at, but she couldn’t. It would have been so easy to drive over to where she was living, but I was focused on getting to Montana and didn’t want to delay my trip at all. She spoke to my brother and my mom, entreating both to talk me into visiting her. It was too much trouble….I needed to get on my way. I said I couldn’t.My sister was the only one in my family I was close to growing up. When I loved soccer in seventh and eighth grade, and couldn’t get my brothers to play, she would do it. When I was thinking about college she told me she was sure I could do anything I wanted, even though no one had gone to college from our family. She was the only one who traveled to So Cal to see me graduate from UCI. She loaned me money for my first good car. She sent me care packages in college and bragged about me to everyone she knew. When I got married, she came back down to So Cal for the wedding and did all the cooking for the reception by herself. Even more so than my mom, my sister loved me unconditionally. She was always there for me. I wasn’t there for her.I had been in Montana for maybe two weeks when I received the call that she had committed suicide. I’m sure if I had allowed her to come with me to Montana she would be alive still. In all likelihood, if I had stopped in to visit her on my way north, she would be alive today. I knew her too well. If I had seen her in person, I think I would have known. I was selfish and she is gone. That’s my biggest regret. It’s been 9 years.She never got to meet my son, and he never got to meet her. I still cannot remember the last time she and I saw each other. It torments me. I thought there would be many more, so why should I take note of it.Some time after she died I had a dream about her. She was playing guitar, which in life she wasn’t able to do. It was a beautiful piece of classical music that, to my memory, I have never heard, not before or since. She seemed at ease and joyful. I don’t generally believe in dreams telling us about the dead, I don’t believe in any sort of personal afterlife connecting our egotistical biological selves with anything that comes after, maybe my mind was just telling me it was alright to let her go, but I like to think somehow that dream meant she was at peace. I’d rather she was still here.
What can I do to better capture emotion in writing? How can I capture the feeling and express it fully? How can I improve my redaction skills?
Whether you are writing for yourself (Personal Diary), for somebody else (Letters, Short notes with gifts, Poems dedicated to the beloved) or for professional purpose (Novels, Articles), the following tips may be helpful for you :1. Write to Express, Not to Impress :  Whenever you write, write not to impress the masses but to express your heart clearly because that's the only way you can win the hearts of your readers.2. Don't Tell them, Show them :  It's not about using rich vocabulary to express your feelings, it's about how clearly and simply you can show your readers the visual pictures flashing at the back of your mind while writing . Suppose I am reading your work, if you can make me feel what you are feeling, if you can show me what you are seeing,  then you possess amazing talent in writing.3. Don't Copy Anybody's Style, Stay Original : You may be impressed by the writing style of your favourite authors, but don't copy them. If you want, you can experiment by blending different writing styles, but simply copying them is not going to work. Rather it will make you his/her xerox copy and the world does not need xerox-copies for that task is already assigned to printing machines  :P4. Don't Force, Just Flow : Be it writing, painting, dancing or any other art, creativity gets destroyed when forced. Your words should flow effortlessly and that happens on its own if you are writing from heart. An art is like a river which can't be forced to flow in a particular direction, it's the artist who has to go with its flow. Actually, we don't decide when to write and how to write. It is the writing itself which decides how it should be written.5. Write Because You Love to, Not Because You Have To: "I have nothing else to do, so I should write , I am feeling bored, I can't study or work right now, so I should write , I want to become famous, why not try writing? , My vocabulary is so rich, I should write." If any of the above is the reason you want to write,  I advise you to drop that idea. It means you are more attached to outcomes instead of writing. And this is not how a masterpiece is written."Do you enjoy writing?  Do you usually skip/delay your meals or forget to sleep while writing? Do you find it difficult for your mind to get distracted while you're writing?  Have you ever felt a strong urge to pen down your thoughts  when you were very busy? And lastly, Do you LOVE writing?" If any of your answers to the above questions is affirmative, then what are you waiting for? Go, Write and Get yourself published  :)P.S.- These are the things I keep in mind while writing. Everybody has his/her own way. Just listen to everybody, but follow only what your heart says :)EDIT : 6. EDIT, RE-EDIT, AGAIN EDIT : How did I forget this one? It doesn't matter which style you prefer to write in or which topic you are writing about, your work is incomplete without that final touch which surely requires lots of editing and re-editing. I will call it the process of giving the final touch to your masterpiece so that it can serve its purpose successfully by connecting with the hearts of your audience. For this, I can suggest the following :Eliminate the unnecessary phrases or sentences and keep the quality content only.Check for consistency and rephrase the sentences that may obstruct the flow of reader while reading your work. Merge sentences if you have to. Try to avoid unnecessary repetition. Even if you have to repeat, do so without making the content looking dull. You can use synonyms for words repeating too often.Check for grammatical errors.  Ask yourself why anybody will feel tempted to read your content. Ask yourself if it is interesting enough to make the reader read it upto the end. If you are doubtful, then work on that. Remember that it doesn't matter how meaningful your content is, if your beginning is boring. So try to maintain the interest of reader by adding punchlines, idioms, proverbs, climaxes and so on. But don't overdo it , excess of everything is bad :D Read it from the eyes of your reader. See for what it lacks to have an impact on the hearts of your readers. Before  thinking of the ways to maximise the number of your readers, think of the ways to maximise the chances of touching the hearts even if you get less readers. Now make the necessary changes. :)