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Music hey guys it's Eddie the magic monk today I want to talk about how you would delete something in a PDF file so what you want to do is right-click on the file that you have and you're gonna click on edit with Adobe Acrobat hopefully you guys have that program installed once you click on that it should start opening up your page so you can see here that it took a while for it to load but it's opened up my page and on my page what it's done is it has detected all the different elements on my page so let's say that in this little quiz I don't like question 3 anymore and I want to delete it what you can do is you can just click on that and just press Delete and then it's gone so that's how you would hide or delete or cover up a section of your PDF file now you will see that some of the elements are not done properly so if I click on this section for example it selected the whole line it doesn't let me select individual things so if I want to delete something in here it's not very easy but what you can do is you can right click on that and choose edit using and choose Microsoft Paint and then you can simply delete stuff as you would normally in Microsoft Paint so let's say I want to delete y equals 3 or you can simply let's say delete that and I wanted to say change it to y equals 5 or whatever make it a bit bigger whatever you want to do then what you can do after that is you can simply close the paint program save it and you can see that the changes will be made in Adobe Acrobat Pro ok thanks for watching guys see you next time thanks for watching guys see you next time

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