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The process of PDF correction has never been so easy. I’ve managed to create a new document faster than ever before!
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It was really easy to fill out my PDF document and add a signature to it! This is a great service! I recommend it to you!
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I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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How can I redact a document/PDF for free?
You can try free trial of pdffiller service. They have very good and flexible editor and make refund quite fast if you will not like it.
What are the best ways to redact a PDF?
Personally if it is highly classified I wouldn't use any form of electronic reactions on it's own.I would print off the pdf document, then proceed to use a permanent black marker to black out the confidential parts of the document. Then I would further tipex/whiteout the parts i marked with the black marker, then black parker ontop of the tipex/whiteout. This would be done on both sides of the page so you cannot pull it up to the light and see the words. After all this is done, I would scan the page transformation it back into a pdf then use Adobe PDF “redact" feature to do a final reaction on the classified document.This may be overkill, but this ensures pretty much no one on gods green earth other then those privy to such information can/will know what is exactly enclosed in said document.Regards,Ash
What bothers you most about the Mueller report?
Several things bother me but there was no surprises. I knew exactly how it would go down and I was right. As usual.First, after singing the “No Collusion” song over and over even though we seen collusion practically on a daily basis, there are people still trying to say the Mueller report exonerated him completely when it does no such thing. It even states that they could not exonerate him they just couldn't charge him. That is not “No Collusion” in any language. But his supporters can't let a little thing like the truth keep them from performing their loyalty rituals on social media and any news shows that don't mind having liars on them. Its sickening.Then we have the AG. Who in the hell is he working for anyway? It sure as hell isn't the country because the guy hit the air waves right away to blow smoke up our ass. He lied straight up lied about that report and that's worrisome. What's that man's game? Does he enjoy kissing ass so much that he felt compelled to slither into this swamp of corrupt and incompetent people? Does he enjoy lying as it seems it is with our (puke gag choke)president? Is he just having fun with the chaos? Who knows? One thing for sure, its disturbing when we can't even say that the new AG is better than our old AG. It makes me sick to give sessions credit for anything but here we are. Our AG is a bigger liar and butt kisser than Jeff sessions.Something else that's standiftng out in all this is the bipolar behavior we've seen out of trump. Like I said, I'm not surprised trumps doing the “This is the best day of my life the report exonerated me no collusion” thing one minute only to turn around and cry like the little bitch he is and accuse everyone of lying. What is it Mr. trump? Are you exonerated or is the report full of “bullshit? Can't have it both ways.If it were anyone else but a sitting president there would be charges. That means trump is above the law. They can SAY trump isn't above the law or he shouldn't be above the law but what do you call it? He commits obstructions but gets a pass because DOJ policy states he can't be indicted so he can't be accused. What's with that? Still, very predictable.Then we got our gallery of wusses. There's no way in hell the GOP doesn't pay dearly for this and the democrats who were voted in partially to put trump in check, now they're all “We're thinking about talking about requesting if they might give us the unredacted report” crap. This was a slight surprise. This whole time I was thinking that as soon as that redacted report was shown the democrats would be on it with subpoenas and no mercy. Trumps kids lied to Congress. They need to account for that. Other people are going down for lying to congress but these sniveling little brats get a pass? Whatever.I knew this report was not going to fix everything and I was pleasantly surprised at how much it did tell us about trump and his administrations and campaign but it fell on deaf ears. His supporters keep trying to make it about Hillary and Obama. Like trump is some kind of abuse of power victim. What!!!! Listen trip supporters I'm about to tell you something. When trump got caught up in electronic surviellience during his campaign what in the world were Obama and his administration supposed to do. Just forget about it? A guy running for the highest office gets caught up in electronic surveillance (not spying) so they shouldn't investigate? Its their job. And when Mitch McConnell said he would not be bipartisan about announcing the Russian interference in the election what should he have done? Had Hillary arrested for using w private server? How is arresting and locking Hillary up for using a private server (a crime the trumps have committed on a few occasions) going to fix the problem of the Russians meddling in our election? It won't. At all. Was it even a crime? Because it apparently isn't a crime when Ivanka and jarred did it.There's lots of things that bother me but I'm only disappointed in the report because trump supporters think jailing Hillary and Obama will make things right. None of the trump supporters give a damn about our election being messed with because their guy won. And how are they not seeing him for the creature he is?
Is there any software that can auto-highlight variables in a PDF?
There is a possibility, and it requires Acrobat Pro. The tool to be used is the Redaction tool (but not completely…), or specialized plug-ins for Redaction (such as Redax by Appligent).These tools allow you to do pattern search, and with that, you can stitch together your Regular Expression(s).You run the pattern search, and then do the revision of the found places.In order to "disarm" them (Annotations of the Redaction type will lead to the removal of the text if you (accidentially) execute the Redaction), you create an application-level JavaScript which creates a Highlight annotation at the same place as the Redaction annotation, and then discards the Redaction annotation.And that should do it.
How can I reduce the size of a PDF file?
Main purpose of reducing size of PDF files is when you scan your personal documents for upload to a government website. The method mentioned below is for only those scans. i.e. where you have scanned images of your passport, driving license etc… This method is not for those documents that have select-able text.Generally it is not recommended to upload it to any third party website for size reduction. I have seen many people do this. Also the method below is easier for a Linux user. But since majority of users use Windows, the answer below is for them. Specifically Windows 10.Download the following two open source applications:-ImageMagick - https://www.imagemagick.org/down...GhostScript - https://github.com/ArtifexSoftwa...Make sure you install the legacy tools while installing GhostScript.Then go to the folder where you have the pdf and right click anywhere inside the folder whilst holding shift key. Select the “Open PowerShell window here”, then type the following command.convert -density 200x200 -quality 20 -compress jpeg "Input filename.pdf" "test1.pdf"200x200 is the Pixel Per Inch(PPI) of the document. Good resolution is 300x300. For a document 200x200 is fine.Here 20 is the quality of compression. Higher the better. I tried 80, 50 , … to find the quality that corresponding the file size I require.Input filename.pdf is the filename of the source file.test1.pdf is the filename of the test pdf.Once you are fine with the file size. Just replace the filename test1.pdf with file name of your choice. Or you can just rename the generated test1.pdf to a filename of your choice.Hope this helps.
As we can easily export PDFs from many kinds of software (like Word), why do people still need Acrobat Pro?
Because Acrobat (and various tools like it) do SO MUCH MORE than just create PDFs from simple documents.  Some of the most common features (but no means a complete list) used by Acrobat customers:Editing (change text or images)Document Assembly (aka merging multiple documents together)Paper to PDF (aka scanning & OCR)Conversion from PDF back to Word (etc.)Redaction (removing information from a PDF)Forms processing (creation or submission handling)
What are the best software tools for data anonymization?
Many great tools exist to help you anonymize data, and it’s a growing field, given the increasing need for data privacy and the demands of recent regulations. Here are just a few of the leading products for data anonymization, quotations are from product websites.Open SourceARX Data Anonymization Tool - https://arx.deidentifier.org/“ARX features a cross-platform graphical tool, which supports data import and cleansing, wizards for creating transformation rules, intuitive ways for tailoring the anonymized dataset to your requirements and visualizations of data utility and re-identification risks.”Masquerade - https://github.com/TonicAI/masqu...“Masquerade can anonymize data in real-time enabling anonymous analytics, application development, and QA testing with next to no overhead. It does this by operating a TCP proxy between your Postgres client and Postgres database and modifying the result-sets generated by SELECT statements according to a set of user-defined rules.”Amnesia - https://amnesia.openaire.eu/“Amnesia is a data anonymization tool, that allows to remove identifying information from data. Amnesia not only removes direct identifiers like names, SSNs etc but also transforms secondary identifiers like birth date and zip code so that individuals cannot be identified in the data. Amnesia supports k-anonymity and km-anonymity.”SaaS / EnterpriseTonic (Synthetic Data Generator) - https://www.tonic.ai/“Tonic uses pre-trained models and feature extraction to generate synthetic data that is based on your data. It preserves all the characteristics that make your data unique—constraints, statistical correlations, distributions, interdependencies, etc. Mask, anonymize, obscure, or generate brand new data, all at the click of a mouse.”Informatica (Dynamic or Persistent Data Masking Products) - https://www.informatica.com/in/p...“De-identify, de-sensitize, and anonymize sensitive data from unauthorized access for application users, business intelligence, application testing, and outsourcing.”Oracle (Data Masking and Subsetting Pack) - https://www.oracle.com/database/...“Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting helps database customers improve security, accelerate compliance, and reduce IT costs by sanitizing copies of production data for testing, development, and other activities and by easily discarding unnecessary data.”This list could be much longer, the above is just a sampling. Other companies that offer data masking products include Delphix, IBM, Microsoft SQL Server, Aircloak, and the aforementioned Statice. The question of “best tool” is clearly subjective and highly dependent on an individual’s/company’s needs.Full disclosure: I’m a founder of Tonic.